Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some forgotten thank yous and a near goalie fight

Okay, first of all, Come on ref, let 'em go! Hey lookie... it's CHRIS HOLT! Please Hammer, don't hurt him!

Awesome. Thank to Fred for sending that.


Second, thanks everyone for the goalie-versary grats and well-wishes. I realized today, I failed to thank folks who have helped me along the way. And lord knows I've gotten a lot of it.

  • Mainly Scotty for coaching me and putting up with my stubborn uncoachability and Allen Iverson-esque work ethic in practice.
  • Coach Stalin for pushing me on to the ice in the first place and teaching me to skate.
  • Mr.C for letting me run with this dream and not being intimidated by how important (and expensive) it has become.
  • Coach Dan, Kuny, and everyone at Novice for putting up with my unbelievably shitty nights and the steep learning curve and still being so supportive.
  • All my goalie friends (I have so many now! What a sexy fraternity!) who give advice, commiseration, support, and reality checks so generously, sincerely, and honestly.
  • And you guys who read me day in and day out even though I'm such a neurotic mess I can hardly stand myself sometimes.
Okay, enough of that sappy stuff.

I sucked tonight. I knew I would. I shot my energy wad in all the Brusty-coming-home excitement. Slept through the entire second period of Thrashers/Rangers when I sat down to watch MOOOOOOOSE kick some butt, and woke up about 5 minutes before I needed to leave (with nothing packed).

Then I get in the car about 10 minutes after I would have liked to be in the car and remember... I need gas. Fuck.

So I get half a tank and drive about 75 MPH to Sugar Land. Luckily, I'm in Houston, so going 15 over the speed limit is called "going with the flow of traffic."

Got there with 30 minutes to get ready, which is fine, but not my usual extra time to stretch. Same thing Sunday night, too. Basically paid lip service to stretching both nights and have actually felt fine. Even had a BIG toe save tonight that normally I wouldn't have gotten that leg extended far enough out for. Hurt at the time but feels fine now. Sweet sweet save, that one. Everyone was shocked by it because that's normally one I'd let in... one of those "6'2" in my head" save attempts I mentioned a few posts ago. Ha.

So, I had some good saves, but got beat on rebounds a bunch for some reason, even though I feel like I'm getting better at staying square to the puck when I've got a scrum in front of me. I dunno. It was fun and a good workout. Lasted nearly 1:30 even though we're only supposed to have an hour. I think we could have played for 2 hours but eventually we didn't have enough skaters.

I was okay with that. Pretty tired by the end. Stayed busy all night.

My opponent in goal was the guy I love to watch. Double up Tim Thomas' "attack goalie" style and subtract any butterfly technique and you're approaching this guy's style. OMF is he ever fun to watch. Just a whirling dervish in the crease. Frankly, I'd be a little afraid to get anywhere near him if I were a skater. It's a frenzy!

But man, from the other end, I'm just laughing and my jaw is on the ice at what I'm seeing. I don't play against anybody else who is remotely like that. Lots of fun.

Okay. I've seen On The Fly 3 times while writing this. (Weekes is so good at commenting on highlights, but gets sooo awkward when he has to look into the camera.) I think that's my cue to get my ass to bed.

More goal tomorrow night, assuming my ever-stiffening knee decides to let me. Nards. Sucks being old.

It doesn't really relate, but I've got at thing for songs with a really catchy, upbeat tune, and kinda dark, messed up lyrics. This is one of my favorites right now.


artandhockey  December 15, 2009 at 4:43 PM  

Was that (our ex) Feisty Fergie who got into that melee?
Rhetorical question? What really turns people on to fights?
I still can't quite fathom that, unless...go watch fights to get rid of excess frustrations with life overall? Hmmmm - subject I must pursue further when nothing else 'sparks' a blog...

Ms. Conduct  December 15, 2009 at 5:01 PM  

Yep, I believe that is our Fergie. Good to see him in the A.

I am not as into fights as I used to be. They get a little tedious sometimes.

If you want to understand why they fight, read The Code. Great book. In fact, if you're interested, I'll see if I can find my copy and bring it for you tomorrow.

But what I DO like about fights and especially goalie fights, is that they're just funny usually. I mean, they on skates, trying to stay balanced, clinging to each other, trying to get helmets and elbow pads off, or pull jerseys over heads. I dunno. Something about all that slipping and sliding makes them comical to me. And goalies with all the pads. It's just... well, it's sort of angry comedy.

The other part I like is that... for example, Chris Holt is about the most jovial person you'll ever meet and he's PISSED as you can see when he leaves the ice. I just love all the raw emotion pouring out. I love teammates standing up for each other. It's not so much the fight as what the fight stands for IMO that makes hockey fights not only acceptable but sometimes necessary.

I get not being comfortable with it though and wouldn't try to sway you. Our instincts are our instincts. But there's my take on it anyway.

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