Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quick Hits: Open up and say, VESAAAAA VESAAAAA VESAAAAAA

Watching Bruins/Leafs.

Vesa Toskala gets so much crap for being a shitty goalie that every save he makes feels really dramatic and exciting and incredible. I find it pretty fun to watch him for that reason. (BTW, if you're not following his fake Twitter account, you should. It's pretty damn funny.)

How are pro goalies scored on 5-hole so often? I mean, I understand how *I* get scored on that way so often. I'm slow, I lift my stick when I butterfly, I'm slow...

I ask this because Tosky just let one in from the blue line that was so soft it was almost like he got out of the way on purpose. It would keep me up at night if I let that shot in.


Watching the Bruins reminds me of how unlikable the Habs are. Not that I'm a Bruins fan, or even a Boston-anything fan. But even when they're good, the Bruins have sort of an underdog vibe that I find vastly more appealing than the arrogant ole-ole-ole-ole (haugh-haugh-haugh) vibe of the Canadiens.

Bourney writes about sports hate today, and being a dark-hearted person full of inexplicable anger, I really enjoyed it. Nothing like a little unjustifiable seething hatred to really feel free of the shackles of responsible adulthood.

I ranted about Cory Schneider in the comments because I'm just sick to death of hearing about the guy, but OMF, I could do a whole series of posts on players and teams I sports hate, including the Habs. Hell, there are AEROS I sports hate. Okay, just one.


To my beloveds who are mired in the lower minors... take heart. At least you're not having to make a Christmas album like they are in Elmira. Wonder if my guy Chris Holt escaped that endeavor. CHRIS HOLT!

Okay, it's pretty charming, if I'm being honest, and if someone puts that stuff up on YouTube, I'd listen. You can say a lot of things about hockey guys, but my god, are they ever game for doing goofy shit if it helps promote the game.


You'd think I lick locker room floors for how much I've been sick lately. I feel fine other than this fucking sore throat that won't go away. Got me a Z-Pack now though, thanks to another doc visit this morning, in hopes that it will knock out the remainder of this illness.

Fingers crossed this round works. Otherwise, I'm just gonna have 'em rip the ol' tonsils right out.


Still watching Leafs/Bruins and frankly, it looks to me like Toronto is completely asleep at the wheel defensively. The Aeros play better defense. Can't clear the zone, can't clear pucks from around the net, can't clean up rebounds.

I see zero truculence here. No wonder Gus's heart gets excessively atwitter. Mine would, too, if I had to try and play goal behind these yahoos.


Okay, that's enough. I'm feeling a little angry tonight, so I'll leave you with my favorite angry goalie making a skater run scared. That's right, bitches. Score your goal and clear the fuck out.


FinnAir  December 11, 2009 at 7:48 AM  

So who do you have in goal for Team USA? I think Vetter should be certain but who else do you think will make it?

Ms. Conduct  December 11, 2009 at 9:15 AM  

Ryan Miller is certainly playing the best of the men right now. I dunno... It's not something I think about much. It's going to be so much fun to watch either way.

FinnAir  December 11, 2009 at 9:35 AM  

Ok, all I think about is women:

Although I think the former HIFK Helsinki keeper T.Thomas should do well for the men. Not against Finland though.

Ms. Conduct  December 11, 2009 at 9:37 AM  

All I think about is men (which seems to go without saying if you read me). :)

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