Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'd die to find out

Man, I wish I could have seen tonight's Wild game against Philly. How goddamn smart is Clutterbuck? People can talk about how agitators don't belong in the game but if there was ever an agitator who makes the case FOR agitators, it's Clutter.

Of course, most guys just aren't as smart about it. They run around willy nilly. Not my guy, baby. He's laser-guided and heat-seeking... BOOOM, bitches! Game changer.

Played my Memorial City drop-in tonight. Didn't take good care of myself today because I was so busy. Only ate one meal and that was at 5:30 in the evening. Didn't drink enough water. Just generally wasn't prepared to play, and now I feel ooky.

Goalies, do you ever have a game occasionally where you get on the ice and it's like you haven't skated in 10 years? I felt so off balance tonight. Took me a good 30 minutes to stop feeling like a Weeble Wobble. But like a Weeble, I didn't fall down. I also didn't stop a lot of pucks either.

5-hole was baaaaaad tonight. Stick on the ice, bitch. And I must have put at least 3 goals in the net off myself. Just ugly and lacking physical self-awareness in a bad way.

But the other end was a cone, so at least I was more fun than no goalie at all. AND I stayed cool like Fonzie, so I was proud of that after my meltdown last time.

Oddly enough, I sent 3 pucks out of the rink off my blocker. I don't think I've ever sent ONE out and it was 3 tonight.

I tried to do a big poke check on the cute little kid who plays with us. He got a breakaway and the puck was floating down ahead of him a bit, so I skated out, but he deked around my slow ass and MISSED THE EMPTY NET. But he managed to retrieve it before I could get back and put it in. Oh well. At least I tried the big poke check.

I think the mental hurdle tonight of getting past the frustration of getting scored on a bunch is a victory, even if the score wasn't. I'm too tired and thirsty to really give a crap right now.

Anyway, it was fun-ish. At the very least, it was a decent workout. Or at least sweat-out.


Jbcraig1883  September 30, 2009 at 3:39 PM  

Clutterbuck was awesome, Ms. Conduct.

He is probably the calmest pest/agitator/etc. I can recall. He hits hard, clean, doesn't take stupid retaliation penalties, is smart in his own zone and has some hands!

It will be great to watch him progress this year. I hope Minny signs him to a decent 4-6 year contract. That might sound silly to some...but, and I think Ms. Conduct would agree, he is what every team needs.

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