Monday, September 28, 2009

Slippery Sunday

As usual, can't sleep, though there's really nothing about my game tonight that should keep me up, so I'll probably crash pretty soon. I'll keep this brief.

The most exciting thing happening at the rink was that Jessica was playing goal at the other end. I really admire when players are willing to try out playing goal. She was good, kind of a Hasek "just get something in front of it" style and it was effective.

In fact... she beat me. AUGH. I know. But let's face it, the girl is just straight up athletic and I'm straight up not, so I'm okay with that. I knew this wouldn't come naturally to me at all and it hasn't, but it's still just stupid fun.

I think the final was 4-5, but I played one of my better games and felt like I was in the zone a lot of the time. Felt really good. Most of the shots that got past me were just good shots. I let one in 5-hole that was soft as kittens. And one where I was double screened. I should have just gone down. I would have gotten it.

A couple from Mikey were such fast shots, I'm not even sure how or where they went in on me. Vroom!

I was inspired by another goalie over the weekend and got my glove involved more for blocking. Tipped one of (I think) Mikey's shots over the net when he tried to pick my glove corner. It was kinda sweet.

I just sorta felt like a real goalie tonight. I don't have many nights like that, so that felt good. Plus, it was fun getting Jessica dressed, watching her play, and cheering for her great saves. And she had a blast. I don't think she's ready to go full time but I think she appreciates the position's thrills more now. It's always fun to watch the position reveal itself to someone else. It's a beautiful thing.

I've had two songs stuck in my head all weekend, and you know the surefire way to unload a stuck song is to inflict them on someone else.


Goalie_Gal  September 28, 2009 at 6:38 PM  

Hey. You ARE a "real goalie". Anyone who is this passionate about the position qualifies, I don't care how long you've played or how non-athletic you think you are. And you've inspired me to re-start my own goalie-blog again. So there. (this is maalivahti from twitter btw).

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