Monday, September 14, 2009

Two down, one to go

*deep breath* So, what I really want to do is tell you how I motherfuckin' crushed that drop-in and what a badass I am for it, but I'll get in trouble with the Humility Police and probably ensure a terrible game tomorrow night.

So, I'll just write it up like any other night in goal:

  1. Not a single poke check. But really only one opportunity and I still got my stick on it. The exceedingly good guy wasn't there and without him, everyone else was much more manageable. Amazing how one really good person on lower level team can make a world of difference in the flow of the game. It was more C/C- tonight. No pity shots. Ahhh... treated me like a real goalie! Heaven.
  2. First goal was so bad, I'm pretending it happened to someone else. Some really shit goalie. But I woke up FAST after that. It was just like, "Ugh, no, not again. Hustle yo' ass, bitch!" And bitch did hustle her ass.
  3. This group luuuuuuuuvs the slapshot. All warmup is is slapshot after slapshot. It's funny really and I don't mind because I can stop those pretty easily. But most of these hit my stick and man, my hand and wrist are sore now.
  4. One guy after the game said he could see me improving each time out. Damn straight. This was a full 180 from last time I played with this bunch. The extra playing time is really helping my conditioning and focus and preparation.
  5. I felt sharp sharp sharp and had strong legs the whole game. Legs are definitely a little tired and sore, but more like they usually are after one night of playing and not two.
  6. Endurox tasted yucky to me tonight. No clue why. Had to force myself to choke it down before I left the rink. Hope it helps. I'm sure it will. My hip flexors are still really bugging me though.
  7. I was so on fire tonight. And nobody jinxed it by saying anything about it. Just the usual "good save" when I robbed someone and made them cry like babies.
  8. The game was probably something close to a tie. The other goalie, who only let in 2 last time, wasn't feeling well and got lit up pretty hard at the end, where as I... well, I got better. :)
  9. Had one goal where I was so unbelievably off angle, I still can't even comprehend it. And another where I was waaaay too deep. One 5 hole where I didn't have my stick on the ice and just watched it come all the way in and heard it hit the back of the net. Total Khudobin type of goal. Dammit. And one wrap-around where I just didn't move my ass over fast enough.
  10. Anyway, regardless of the goals, I'm super happy with that game, especially with that bunch. It was fun and I had some sick saves. You know it's a good night in goal when you're driving home and what's replaying in your head isn't all your mistakes but rather the "awwwdammitIhadthatandshestoppedme!" reaction of the guys I stopped. I live for that.
Sweet buttered biscuit-lovin' Jesus, it's fun to play hockey, and I still contend that it's more fun to be a goalie than anything else. Crushing dreams and whatnot. Oh fuck yeah. I love it.

They invited me out for next week but I won't be here. Hopefully I'll get to go back soon though. I love that ice. So easy to shuffle and slide. Aeros should be pretty happy with it when camp starts up in a few days (!)


Goalie_Gal  September 15, 2009 at 1:26 PM  

I echo your sentiments on how much fun it is to play this position. And I had a big-ass grin on my face as I read about your improvement and the replaying of the "dammitshegotme" looks. I live for those. haha.

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