Monday, March 2, 2009

It's a dog eat dog world...

And last night at novice, I was wearing milkbone underwear.

Stands to reason, after having a pretty decent, fun game last week, that I'd get blown up this week. Though really, I only let in 6 goals (though I could swear there were more, but I was assured they were keeping track), which is pretty much on par for me, and we ended up tying the game.

But I wasn't happy with how at least 4 of those went in. I should have gotten them. And I was a f**king statue in the first period, not seeing the puck well, kinda jumpy and flinchy. I've gotta find a way to be more prepared when the puck drops. Jessica got two on me in the first, but I stopped her the rest of the night.

Honestly, though, my D clamped down when they saw I was having trouble and pretty much didn't let the puck near me most of the night. I was finally stopping them later in the 2nd and in the 3rd, but I hardly saw anything. At one point, the green team had the red team pinned in their zone for 5 minutes straight. It was unbelievable.

Mostly, I felt like a schmuck. Any stops I made were such gimmes, they're hardly worth relishing.

But, ya know, I knew there'd be nights where I'd take steps backwards and feel like shit about my game. It's just motivation to work harder during the week, and show up better mentally prepared. And the really awesome thing is that I get to live with this for 2 whole weeks because I'll be out of town next Sunday. Yay.

I'm so bugged by it, I'm even considering hitting a stick and puck this week. But I fell up the stairs yesterday afternoon and have a huge lump and bruise on my knee right where I'd be dropping on it, so I dunno.

On the positive side, though, my freshly sharpened skates didn't give me too much trouble, though I'd love to knock the edge down a little. And as far as improvements go, I feel like I did do better playing further out of the net, but at the same time, knowing where I was in relation to the net.

Mr. C is sweet though... He was still up when I got home and I was moping a little about how disappointed I was in myself, and he said, "Did you have fun?" I had to think for a minute, but yeah, I did.


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