Sunday, March 8, 2009

Aeros v. Chicago Wolves - Game 63

Rapid fire, bitches, because I'm getting out of dodge in about 12 hours and there is still packing and sleeping and various other things to be done before then:

  • Why is Pouliot such a freaking badass on the PK and such a dorkus maximus 5 on 5? Luckily, the Aeros were on the PK for, like, half the game, so I guess it was a good game for him. He's back to hitting a bunch again, too. *wolf whistle*
  • Then again, this was a hit-or-be-hit kinda game. Both teams came out with guns a'blazing. I haven't seen such a physical game in a long time. It's clear these guys love to hate each other. And that makes for some fun effin' hockey, baby.
  • Second in the division! Shhhhhh... not too loud or they'll take it away.
  • Six kiddie choirs? For the love of...
  • The penalty kill at the end of the game with Krahn pulled from the Wolves net and the Aeros battling 6-on-4 was positively heroic. They just kept their shit completely together, didn't panic but played with the utmost urgency, and not only survived the two-man disadvantage, but then Rosa dished a soft backhander up the ice and the puck glided just inside the post. The crowd went nuts, as it was the third such empty net attempt, the first two going a bit wide.
  • Like I mentioned, lots of bad blood with these teams and it didn't take long for a huge hit by Stoner on LaVallee to trigger the first fight of the game between Stoner and Brooks (edge to Stoner). And later, Love fought Lehman and this is the first Love fight I've seen where he looked genuinely pissed and it clearly wasn't an "energy" fight. Love schooled him.
  • Schaefer kept them in this game and got second star. Stud. Kolanos got the GWG and first star and $1000 for charity thanks to Mr. Anonymous. I wonder if I get a new Smiley Krys picture as a result... :) Update: Woohoo! Mr. Awesome comes through for me yet again!
Hey baby. I'm #1.
Photo by Fred Trask

Overall, they totally shouldn't have won this game. Way too many undisciplined penalties and too few shots on net (though mostly decent chances), but with a kill like that (Chicago scored on 0 of its 8 power plays), it's hard to fuss too much. They're just lucky Schaefer was on it tonight.

Here's Royal's accounting of the evening.

I'll miss Chucko coming to town on Tuesday but am back on the clock for Friday's game. Behave yourselves. Or don't, but don't call me for bail money.


walkinvisible  March 10, 2009 at 4:39 PM  

i don't like this vacation stuff.
get home.

Ms. Conduct  March 11, 2009 at 3:50 PM  

Word! Oh how I missed the blog...

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