Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clutter v. Avery

So... I don't really like to see Cal fight, but I know he's gotta occasionally. It's just me mother henning him. But somewhere deep down, I've been wanting to see this one all season.

I thought Avery edged Cal a little bit (though now that I watch it again, I'm not sure... I'm gonna call it a draw), but it was pretty much what I expected from the pairing. Evenly matched, respectful draw. You had to think those two had their sights set on each other as this game approached, right? Ah, the drama. I love it.

I also liked this quote from Stan Fischler today:

Avery made forgetting Sunday possible by challenging Cal Clutterbuck in an old-fashioned first period sluggeroo. Each worthy doffed gloves and then — great stuff! — also their helmets in a who-cares-who-wins tilt that lifted The Garden a few feet off its moorings.
Anyway, Cal skated away with a whopping 8 hits, but look how much more spread out the hitting is among the New York roster vs. Minnesota's. Weenies. (The Wild are the weenies in this scenario, in case that's not clear.)

So, the kid is 2 hits from breaking Dustin Brown's record 311 set last season. What should we do to celebrate when he almost certainly breaks it tonight against the Islanders? Maybe we'll make it another holiday in Clutterbuck Nation. In fact, maybe I'll just preemptively take the day off from work to, ya know, hang some streamers and make party mix. Sounds like a plan to me.

Hey, Bourne, you up for a little wager on the game tonight? :D


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