Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cal "mesmerizes" greatest goalie ever

This quote came across my Google Alerts regarding last night's Wild beat down by the Devils, and I had to post it:

Brodeur delivered his best stop at 5:23 of the second, stopping Belanger all alone on a breakaway through the slot. Cal Clutterbuck fed the puck to the middle to set up the chance.

"For some reason I didn't see him coming," Brodeur said. "I was mesmerized by [Clutterbuck]. It came in and I looked up and he had the puck and he was right in my face. I didn't really move much. He tried to make me open up, and I don't know if I was too slow or too quick. The puck just hit my pad and stayed there too; I was able to freeze it."
So, I saw this play and it was a beauty of a pass to the slot by Clutter but the save... the SAVE! I watched it thinking, "This is why nobody teaches the Brodeur style of goaltending... nobody effing knows how he does it!!"

But it turns out, neither did he on that one. I feel better reading that. Though the stop he made with his armpit was pretty impressive and unlikely, too, I thought.

I guess if the Wild had to lose to the Devils, I'm okay with them getting Marty one shutout closer to breaking Sawchuk's record. If we're gonna suck, we might as well suck and help my boy Marty out.


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