Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Congrats, Cal!

As you might expect, Cal didn't just break the hits record, he demolished it with 7 hits tonight in a seriously chippy game against the Isles and a season total 317.

Yeah, it's a newish stat and doesn't really mean a whole lot other than Cal is one tough little SOB. But I think most reasonable Wild fans get what he's meant to the team this season. I don't really need to go there again.

The boys at Hockey Wilderness summed it up even better...

The best I can come up with here is, Thank you, Cal, for giving Wild fans something to be excited about this season. It's been one crappy ass mother f**king season during which we've taken it in just about every orifice. But we could always count on you to bring the noise, no matter what the rest of the team, the front office, the coaches, and the Gaborik were doing to crush our hockey-loving souls.


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