Monday, March 23, 2009

Aeros v. Peoria Rivermen - Game 69

Swear to Maude I'm not going to make any 69 jokes.

Actually I just remembered I forgot to post links to the write-ups about this game. My hockey game was earlier than usual, only about 30 minutes to get ready after the Aeros game, so no time to deal with this.

Anyway, here's Andrew's view from the press box and his Chronicle write-up

And John's write-up and his article for the Press this week

And Fred's photos of Corey Locke's impossible-looking shootout goal plus photos and commentary from the rest of the game (glad to finally see what started the Stoner fracas... what the heck is with Mojzis getting the crap knocked out of him since he got back?) Since I love celebration shots, I particularly adore the Rosa photo.

And look at that form on the second shot of Nolan. Nice. He's on it. How pretty is that new gear? I like it a lot better than the white pads and mask he was wearing. Mask especially. Just never did get that one. Though I can't imagine having to break in a glove as often as he has to with his gear changes.

Anyway, nice stuff, fellas.

And here's my write-up of the game.

I've got a fun little subject to write about from our interview with AHL Commish David Andrews on Saturday. Just trying to get myself untired enough from hockey last night. I've been a zombie all day.


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