Monday, May 4, 2009

Practice? We're talking about practice.

Well, I'm tired and sore. I guess that's something, but practice was pretty unsatisfying from a goalie perspective tonight. (But still more fun than anything else I do all week.)

No Scotty to abuse me (I'll admit to being relieved just a little). Not even Luther to at least get me out of the board-to-board skating drill with a few shots.

Drills went on forever and ever. First a forechecking drill that was actually pretty fun for me since it was mostly just breakaway-type shots, which I enjoy. Looked like a lot of damn work for the skaters though. Glad to be a goalie on that one.

Then a breakout drill that, like last time, bored me right outta my jill. Okay, it's wasn't that bad but it went on for like 20 minutes, the same thing. Ugh. I should have worked harder on that one, or even just kinda done my own thing working on some lateral movement stuff and if I stopped it, fine. But I was thinking I needed to keep something in the tank for the scrimmage.

I was wrong. The scrimmage was only 20 minutes and I only saw 3 shots, of which I let in one. It was an extremely stupid one where I didn't fly properly and the puck just skirted past the outside of my pad. If my pad had flipped out, it would have almost assuredly deflected into the corner off my toe. Also, I think Dan called offside about 8 times in 20 minutes. Let 'em play, man! :)

I really don't have time for stick and puck this week, but after such a ho-hum practice tonight and after my shellacking at stick and puck last week, I feel compelled to try and make that right. But then again, my wrist is really bothering me, so letting that rest wouldn't be an entirely bad thing. I dunno. I'll play it by ear, I guess.

I'm due for a good outing sometime, right?

Now I've stayed up too late and gotten hungry. Crap. We got nothing. Not even milk. Knew I should have stopped and gotten some chocolate milk on the way home.


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