Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Skate

Coach Stalin and I went to the Galleria to skate tonight. I finally got swizzles down! Made it almost all the way around the rink doing them before my knee said to stop. Will have to build up to doing more of them, but what a relief it was to figure out the technique!!! I had just been using my edges wrong. Figuring that out was worth the cost of my power skating book alone.

Anyway, also worked on stopping a bit, but don't feel like I made a lot of strides there. But considering I've had my skates for less than a month, I'm feeling awfully good about the progress I'm making in general. Still a lot to learn but I'm feeling good about it.

What I DON'T feel good about is how damn crappy that Galleria ice is. Their fake zamboni doesn't do any more than lay down a layer of new water on the ice. Totally worthless and the ice was just as bad as before they cut it within 15 minutes of everyone getting back on the ice. Lame. Do better, Polar Ice!!!

Icing my knees tonight while I watch Dallas/Vancouver. Turco is in net for Dallas. I like him, though Sanford seems to be a pretty good backup to Luongo. (ETA: Never mind. He's already been yanked.)


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