Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday in Swampville

It's warm and humid out today, January 28th. I'm SO glad I've taken up ice hockey!

Had planned to go skate at lunch today, but I think I'm going to do stuff at home instead. Some light plyometrics, squats, lunges, abs, groin stretches. As much as I hate that Gratton a-hole from the San Antonio Rampage, the boy is LIMBER. He does splits and other huge stretches to warm up before every period (right in front of us with his butt in our faces, so we can't miss it). And he's not a goalie. I'm guessing he's got a grumpy groin so that's how he keeps it in check. I thought I saw Gabby doing the same thing at the All Star Game. Mr. Groinitis himself.

Really enjoyed the AHL Skills competition last night (actually finishing watching it while I eat lunch today since Com(plete idiot)cast cut the game off for a Patriots press conference last night). Reitzy and Schaef looked terrific and pretty happy to be there. The game tonight should be fun. Nice to have something positive happening for the guys during this slump. Maybe they'll bring some renewed enthusiasm and go-get-'em-ness back. :)


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