Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday workout

Squats (w/ ball) 3 lengths
Lunges (w/ball) 3 lengths
One leg squats 15 x 2 each leg
Reg. pushups 5
Diamond pushups 5
Plyo jump overs 8 x 1 (bolster pillow)
30/30/30 ab and obliques, 20 lower abs (ball between knees)
groin stretching (ouch)

Watching the AHL All Star game. Somehow, I really enjoyed the NHL AS game without all the hitting, but kinda miss it at the AHL level. Maybe because it's slower? I dunno. But still, it's fun to see the guys. Amazing save by Schaef, though I feel for the goalies because nobody plays defense in these games. Everything is going 5-hole on him. Stiff groin? His period's over now though and I bet he's glad for it. :)


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