Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Looking up

Well, I finally came clean with my dear friend, S, with whom I was supposed to do the Austin Half Marathon. The more I thought about it, the more my stomach ached and fear of injury and just flat out dread was filling me up. Looks like I'm going to give my entry to a neighbor of hers who wanted to do it but waited too late to sign up, and I'm just going to join her along the route for as far as I'm comfortable with.

Merciful Jeebus, what a relief and load off my mind. Now I can look forward to the weekend with my friends. What a good friend she is for not being mad at me. You're an angel, S. *mwah*

Meanwhile, my knees are still a bit angry with me, so I've made a massage appt. with Cheryl "Magic Hands" Francisco for tomorrow at lunch time. Also, trying to figure out my workout schedule for the rest of this week. DH comes home for the weekend late tomorrow night. I could skate tomorrow night before I go pick him up, but I think I'd like to just let the massage be it for tomorrow. As much as I'd like some time on real hockey ice this weekend (I miss my crease), I think I'll skate at lunch on Friday, spin on Saturday morning, and get some more physical stuff done around the house Sunday morning prior to the Super Bowl festivities.

We'll see how that plan holds out. :)

Today, I think yoga is in order. I haven't done any since last Friday, so I'm well overdue for it. I'm sure I'll need it after the Wild play the Anaheim A-holes tonight. Go Wild!


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