Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good Instinct

My instinct to write about my great skating session yesterday before the Aeros disappointed me was right on. Actually, I'm feeling lousier about it today than I was last night, though I couldn't say why. All those shots on goal and nothing going in (and really, very few of them being terribly challenging for the SA goalie). It's tough to see everyone so disappointed in them while still wanting to believe they can be better than this.

Knees were aching pretty bad last night. Sat with ice packs on them while I watched the All Star skills "game" when I got home last night. Not sure what's on the agenda today. Abs and maybe my less taxing yoga video before bed. Something easy. I want to skate at lunch on Monday and find that I have a much better session when my legs aren't dog tired from squats or whatever the day before. Though I'm not sure what I'll use as lines to practice stopping at the Galleria with their sissified, lineless ice.

I'm still trying to find a day to work in some light plyometrics. Maybe Tuesday, since I doubt I'll skate at lunch again until Thursday.


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