Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday skate

Had some personal stuff weighing on me a bit this evening, so it took me a while to get going on the ice. In fact, I'm not sure I ever really did. I know I didn't accomplish much. Still can't do those f***ing swizzles. Did get closer to doing a crossover (though Coach Stalin says I'm probably not doing it right... and she's probably right, but it's a start).

I dunno. Just wasn't much fun, except for a few times when I really got in my groove and had some solid laps. Did skate for quite some time and only had to take the skates off once. They are VERY slowly breaking in. Unfortunately it seems like we skated in the same direction for a good 45 minutes and my hip was killing me by the time they said to reverse directions. By then my legs were tired so I only got a few, somewhat unsteady laps in. Wish they'd have done that earlier.

Amazing to me how different ice can be from rink to rink. The ice at the Galleria was VERY hard, where the ice at SLICE was incredibly soft. Felt like I was skating with my soakers on. I don't like that feeling.

Now I'm watching the Wild/Avs game. Backs is having a tough time, but looks like maybe he's pulling it together. Sucks for him to own-goal though. That's gotta mess with your head. The boys in front of him need to play that much better.

Question for the night: Why are these announcers (pretty much every place the Wild play) too stupid to say Voros' name correctly? It's not hard. It's just like it looks. Yet they always say "Varos"... WTF?


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