Thursday, January 31, 2008

Can't sleep

The Wild game was fantastic. Nobody punched Brad May like I'd hoped they would, but I didn't even notice amid the hail of goals and Giggy's temper tantrum.

Oh wait, there's video:

What a beauty. As Jacques would say, "Poor goalie!"

Anyway, both the later games were mostly blowouts (well, the Sharks did have a little uprising against Calgary but too little, too late... cue "Ring of Fire"), so I headed up to bed early and did my easier/bedtime yoga video. Felt good to do that one, since it's been a while. It is truly a rest day video because, while there is one move I cannot do at all, the rest of it is pretty easy, but still beneficial.

Fell asleep about 11 and woke up at 1:30, desperately thirsty from the too-salty pizza I had for dinner and, like every night when I wake up, immediately started thinking (about hockey, of course... really need to learn to switch that off). All sleeping bets were off at that point. Now it's 4 a.m. and I have to be up at 7 to shower and shave (so poor Cheryl doesn't have to massage thru fur). Is it worth trying to get 3 hours of sleep even though I don't feel very sleepy right now?

Shaver posted a new Aeros Audio today with the defense/special teams coach talking about the guys he's working with right now. He doesn't sound very happy with Scotty or with Belle. Sounds like they're having a tough time changing their approach to suit the style of play the coaches are after from them. At least Scotty's a stud on the PK, blocking all those shots with his big body. How bruised up must he be after a game?

As someone who has spent some time lately pondering the prospect of having pucks shot at me, and even with all the goalie padding, it scares me, I really respect these defensemen who get in there and take those shots with just normal skater pads. Schultz does it for the Wild and nearly had me swooning in a game a while back where he really sacrificed himself during a 3 on 5 situation. It was downright heroic.


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