Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Miscellany

Tonight, the Aeros game from last Friday is going to show on FSN North, so all the Minnesota Wild fans who want to feed Skoula to the wolves can see what sort of defensemen they have to choose from in Houston (except for Reitz who was still injured from that nutbag FitzGerald slamming him to the ice a game earlier, and Stoner who is forever injured, bless his heart).

The announcers do go on a bit about how talented Pouliot is, so I fully expect the Pouliot bandwagon to be running completely out of control when I get home tonight. And maybe some other bandwagons as well... Clutterbuck comes to mind. I love the Wild, but I really want to keep Cal around another season, for purely selfish reasons. Though I think all the Minny fans who say, "I hate agitators and would quit being a Wild fan if we got a guy like (Cooke, Avery, etc)." will be eating their words once they have a guy like that on their team. You have to love a guy who will give up his body, and sometimes a bit of dignity, to rattle the opponent, spark the team, etc.

Anyway, Wild play in Colorado tonight. Who the hell knows which Wild team will show up. I've quit trying to figure it out.

Going skating tonight. My "Leg Tiredness Litmus Test" of coming up and down our stairs informs me that my legs are indeed a bit tired from yesterday's work, but I'm looking forward to being on the ice again, even if it is that crummy Galleria ice. I said I'd have swizzles mastered by this weekend, so I guess I better make that happen tonight. I think Coach Stalin will be with me cracking the whip, so that should keep me on task.


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