Friday, September 4, 2009

Confessions of a fantasy draft addict

When the nerds sit down to design a computer, a laptop no less, why does it seem like a good idea to make the whole thing glossy black and the click buttons chromey silver? They should have called my new laptop the Fingerprint. It's less than 24 hours in my possession and it looks like I store it in a bucket of fried chicken.

But that's okay because I'm more about substance than style (lie), and it's working just peachy. So nice not to have to lumber through all the crap software they put on my work laptop or get warnings from IT for having certain software installed. And porn! Oh the PORN! (Oh, what, like you don't?)

But I'm going to need the little fella because I'm now signed up for 4 friggin' fantasy hockey leagues. I swore to myself: only 2 leagues and NO 20-team leagues. But that email comes: Hey, wanna join? AUGH. Yes! YES I do.

Why? Because I love to draft. I love the possibility, the "ohmygodpleasedon'ttakemyguy" anticipation of my pick coming up, the satisfaction of feeling like I "stole" someone, and that glow at the end when I've picked a darn fine team, tempered by the sinking feeling that I've now jinxed 18 guys to crappy seasons (I REALLY fucked the Stars last season). I'll be issuing my apologies to my players before the season starts.

Anyway, I'm now in 4 leagues and 2 of them are 20-team leagues. There's the two keeper leagues, one on Yahoo and one on ESPN, both 12 teamers and pretty fun managers.

Then there's the Wild Message Board league, which I didn't like much last year and didn't plan to do again, but like I said, the invite came and I couldn't say no. Will probably just auto-draft and maintain that one but not really worry about it much.

And the fourth and final is the league Bourne is starting up. I tried to resist. I didn't fire an email to Justin when he put the call out. But somehow I ended up saying, "Yes." Must be the universe wanting me to do it, right? Should be a fun one though, so I'm excited about it.

But that's all. I'm already starting to feel a little *urgh* in my tummy at how busy I'm going to be this season. Writing for PHN, T3I, IGM, Wild Nation, and this blog. Four FH teams. 80 Aeros games to watch (40 in person). 82 Wild games to watch. My own games to play. Oh yeah, and my JOB, which I just started a ginormous project that I'm a month behind on.


I need an intern. I can't offer college credit but I do keep Dos Equis in the fridge and I do grow my own limes. I know I never got that good an offer when I was in college, so don't pass this up.


Michael Crow  September 4, 2009 at 12:54 PM  

Yeah, I love fantasy sports. I'm in a football league and two Hockey Leagues this year. The problem is, I really suck at fantasy hockey.

Go figure.

Ms. Conduct  September 4, 2009 at 12:56 PM  

Yep. I got second in my FF league last year and barely made it into the playoffs in only ONE of my 4 FH leagues.

Hopefully I'll do better at hockey this year, since I care about that way more.

KiPA - Kevin in PA  September 4, 2009 at 2:12 PM  

Except for the part about all the stuff you have to do (like the work stuff), I basically could've written this post word for word...

Ms. Conduct  September 4, 2009 at 2:18 PM  

I figured you of all people would relate the most, Kevin.

Though now it's looking like Bourney's league is going autodraft. On one hand, booooooooo and on the other, the time it would be at sucks for me, so at least it saves me having to tell Mr. C that on my one Saturday in KC while I'm up visiting him, I have to stop everything for 2 hours and draft a fake hockey team.

KiPA - Kevin in PA  September 4, 2009 at 2:33 PM  

Yeah, I'm in four football leagues on Yahoo (because Yahoo only allows four or you have to get a second ID, which I did last year to join Austin's league), but have considered getting teams on ESPN, plan to max out four hockey teams on Yahoo, plus the roto league on ESPN. My desire to draft fantasy teams even extended to me getting three NBA teams last year, despite my lack of knowledge and desire for the NBA (I finished third in one of them, and I think all made the playoffs! Or two did at least, I can't remember if it was two or three.) Oh, and two baseball teams I got this year on Yahoo are playoff bound. I'm also in the final of a salary cap baseball league from the old workplace (which means I made money, woo!), about to win Bryan's roto baseball league, and ran a baseball league where I will miss the playoffs (a rare occurrence for me.)

Boo for autodrafts, with some exceptions. Two of those NBA teams I did I autodrafted. It's kind of fun checking in with your team after the autodraft to see who you got. It can be a nice surprise.

John Royal  September 4, 2009 at 2:52 PM  

I'm in three fantasy baseball leagues myself, and I'm the secret figurehead behind a friend's team -- I did her draft and make all of the roster moves.

I'm currently in four fantasy football leagues. Probably one or more still to come. I'll get in the hockey leagues and basketball leagues once the season gets closer.

Hi, my name is John. And I'm an addict.

Ms. Conduct  September 4, 2009 at 2:57 PM  

See, I can only do sports I care about. And my number of leagues is proportional to how much I care. 1 football. 4 hockey. And at this point, if I'm gonna have to rank both the Yahoo and ESPN draft orders, I fucking might as well join some more, right? That's gonna be a lot of work.

I was tempted by baseball and might do that next year, though I'm clueless other than I know the Jays and Astros suck.

KiPA - Kevin in PA  September 5, 2009 at 9:21 AM  

Hi John!!

Ms. C: Yeah, I have to say I'm surprised myself that I ended up joining some NBA leagues. I think it was an attempt to "broaden my horizons" and start following the NBA (it didn't work.) Also maybe a test to my fantasy abilities. And I'm in Steelers country, so football was bred into me.

As for the baseball leagues...well, about a week ago I said to myself, "Damn, I'm really ready for another sport to start." And two of the playoff teams haven't even started the playoffs yet (my team in the final has a shorter season, so that finishes tomorrow.)

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