Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away

Up late working, as is my life now. I actually took the evening off but felt so "unaccomplished" when I went to bed that I had to get up and put a few more hours in to feel like I'd actually gotten enough done today.

I've about decided that my perfect schedule is to get up early and work until about 2. Take a nap while it's too hot to think. Take care of stuff around the house, have dinner, watch playoff hockey (that goes on all summer, right? Right?!) and then around 10 put another 3-4 hours in. I would be super productive if I could do that.

As it is, I get up early, work until 1, sit on conference calls all afternoon while trying NOT to fall asleep (I sometimes don't succeed... thank god for mute button), then wander around in a stupor for a few hours wanting to go to bed, and then when it IS time to go to bed, I get my second wind and want to work again.

I like the late night because all my internet distractions are at a minimum. The biggest distraction is the occasional Facebook post from my west coast friends and @TeleEroticist tweeting her adventures as a phone sex operator (frankly, it's a must-follow if you're cool with some pervy shit). Anyway, I get a lot done without TweetDeck pinging at me and checking email and whatnot.


This is my new Facebook profile photo. It makes me deliriously happy. I love Marty. I love cheeseburgers. I wanna have a monster liquor and cheeseburger party with Marty. We'd totally laugh just like this a whole bunch. *sigh*

Thanks for passing that along to me, Chris Jerina!


Went to Dr.Dan today to get poked and cracked. He identified my psoas muscle as the culprit of my janky pelvic bone. I was amazed when I got home and read more about this muscle. It's basically, in cow terms, the tenderloin and controls a lot of really important movement in the lower back and hips. So when it's messed up, it can cause a huge chain of problems, including knee pain, lower pack pain, hip pain, legs different lengths, etc etc.

We decided that 3 months is about how long I can go from adjustment to adjustment. Month 4 is when I get injured.

He cracked all kinds of other stuff, too, especially my neck, making lots of happy mutterings at the "movement" he was feeling along the way. I dunno. I still don't really buy chiropractic and yet I can't really argue with the results I get. I'm always afraid the more I get adjusted, the more I'll need adjusting. But I know if I went to a traditional doc, I'd probably just get some pain killers and a "keep an eye on it" instruction. Bleh. Wrong answer.

Anyway, it sucked not playing Sunday or Monday. I switched to not play this upcoming Monday, but I'll probably try to play Sunday at Novice. Still quite a bit of stiffness in my knee but I'm hoping by then, it will be good enough to muddle through. Worst case, I'll be forced to practice pad stacks.

Okay, so I couldn't stay away from the blog. I guess I just have stuff to say regardless of how busy I am. Whether it's interesting or not is another story.

Off to try and sleep again.


maalivahti  May 6, 2010 at 5:53 PM  

yay! i find it interesting. :) glad the chiro seems to work for you. i'm totally going to read more about that muscle too, sounds interesting. never even knew it was there.

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