Thursday, May 20, 2010

I have a list:

  • Now that I get to watch the games rather than just read about them, the BlueJays are making me love them a little more every day. But I don't like that Gregg guy. I REALLY don't like that Gregg guy. If his nickname isn't GasCan Gregg, you BlueJays fans have failed miserably. Closer, my ass.
  • There's a bird on my deck staring at me. Kinda freaking me out. I think he's stalking me.
  • Thank god the Habs that forced me to love them have shown up again. I was kinda feeling used. Clearly... CLEARLY... Pouliot was the key. He shaved. Like it was bad luck making him useless.
  • Oh. Apparently that bird was making eyes at some lady bird next door. They're making out on my deck railing now. I'm gonna look away and give them some privacy. Heavens.
  • Sent an email to Sunday and Monday organizers letting them know I'm out for yet another week. *sob*  Hurt the knee again a couple of nights ago (after I said it was feeling better) while I was SLEEPING. Fuck, man! Today, I walked the dog for a little while and had to come back because it was hurting in a whole new way. So, I dunno. I'm feeling kinda low about that, but...
  • I'm so busy with work, it's honestly a blessing right now to not be distracted by prepping for games, being up late and tired to start out the week, etc. Maybe it was meant to be.
  • Following up with Doc a week from tomorrow to see how things are going. Already wondering how much an MRI is going to cost me out of pocket. Ugh.
  • Sounds like affiliations are set for this year between the NHL and AHL, but next year, the Amerks and Panthers are breaking up (sounds like they'd just dump each other right now if they could). Given the convenience factor, I could really see that being a tempting thing to create a Florida Panthers/Houston Aeros/Florida Everblades. Not that I'd really want to be the Panthers affiliate, though things certainly seem to be looking up for them with Tallon in there. And then maybe the Wild finally friggin' go to Des Moines like everybody seems to want. I dunno. Just thinking out loud.
  • Oh look!!! It's not just me who hates Kevin Gregg! JaysSTAT gave him an unprecedented TWO angry little girls! YES! I like that Harold.
  • I did take my skates to get sharpened though. It was making me tense to have them all jacked up. Like to the point where I was having dreams about it. They were so bad my last game that I had trouble skating off the ice after the game. The edges were just crushed from hitting the pipes. Wish they'd use those rubber guards any time there's not a scoreboard running, like drop-ins and practices. Though I guess since the rinks tend to do the sharpening, they only stand to lose money by doing that.
  • Also making me love him is Client Jaro Halak. He's Brusty-like in his "so calm you wanna poke him to make sure he's breathing" way. Crap, I love that in a goalie. Twitchy goalies... ugh. You little mofos make me stupid nervous.
Okay. Game over. Fun over. Back to work. Gawwwwww....


Nick  May 21, 2010 at 10:45 AM  

Ya oughta stick it to the man and put some of the guards on ( when you play. Not sure how long it'd take to recup $30 for the guards in skate sharpenings (since I don't sharpen), but it might make the rink pay attention?

Good luck with your knee!

Ms. Conduct  May 21, 2010 at 11:23 AM  

It'd be $60 cuz we switch ends. Not really worth the hassle, but I've definitely considered it. I'm sure my team wouldn't mind it at practice, but usually Novice isn't where I kill my blades. It's these fast paced, crazy drop-ins.

Bah. Oh well. Thanks for the knee luck! :) And I am taking the glucosamine... :)

artandhockey  May 21, 2010 at 3:42 PM  

Relax outdoors ;-)!

maalivahti  May 21, 2010 at 8:42 PM  

See, that's part of why I like Kipper. He's like that too. And Cam Ward (who always looks like he just smoked a doobie).

Ms. Conduct  May 22, 2010 at 7:31 AM  

Yeah, I dunno why I don't lump Kipper into that group. Maybe because he's smaller? You're right though, from what I've seen of Cam Ward, he's a chill kinda goalie. Seems like big goalies are like that more, just because they CAN be.

LadyByngsLoveChild  May 22, 2010 at 7:49 PM  

How awesome would an Aeros/Everblades affiliation be!? You might like this story from Litterbox Cats about the Rags sniffing around the Amerks-

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