Friday, May 28, 2010

Ms. Meniscus

Well, doc upped the ante on the knee saga today by declaring the need for an MRI on my lousy peg. The knee is still swollen nearly 5 weeks after the injury, and there is still pain in certain situations (particularly bread and butter goalie situations).

He thinks I have a torn medial meniscus, so we need to get a look inside the knee and see what's really going on. Honestly, I've had trouble with this knee from the beginning, so part of me is relieved to just finally see what's going on and what it will take to get it strong again.

I found myself almost giddy when I got home, actually. I've been sitting around for 5 weeks wondering when it's going to start feeling better, when I can play again, what's wrong, etc. etc. Now I get to get answers. Expensive answers, unfortunately, but... when I'm feeling positive... I think that I could play for another 15 years if I want to. I might even not suck so consistently at some point!

So taking some time now to get things right is worth it. I don't know what it will entail yet, because as I'm learning, a lot about meniscus tears revolves around where the tear is and what kind it is. Here's a great page I found on it.

I'll get an MRI next week, doc will have a peek at it, and we'll figure out what to do. Progress! Sweet sweet progress!

Meanwhile, I've told Monday I'm basically out of the rotation until they hear otherwise. This breaks my heart. But I'll get better and I'll get back in there.

Not sure what to do about novice. I've paid for this season and got hurt the week before the season started. So I may see if they can just give me a credit for the season and I'll pick it back up when I'm ready to go again.

But who knows what the verdict will be. I'm just happy to be moving forward. This probably sounds weird but I feel like I can just relax and be hurt now instead of constantly worrying about what I could/should be doing to get better.

Aeros equipment sale is tomorrow, but my plans for going to buy a new stick feel pretty pointless and depressing tonight. It's like I don't want to think too far ahead right now, but I know I'll need a new stick eventually, so I might was well get a deal while the gettin's good.

The Khudobin stick I bought last year is basically being held together with hockey tape on the edges of the paddles. Totally stole that trick from Mr. April in the Aeros calendar this year, otherwise, I would have needed a new stick by now.


Marcum today. Cecil tomorrow. As I tweeted earlier when the Jays went up 5-0 on Baltimore, "The #bluejays are baseball porn. Just whipping it out and going to town. I adore them."


maalivahti  May 29, 2010 at 7:36 AM  

Glad you're feeling so positive, that's the right attitude to have. And it's great that you have a doc who understands the whole goalie factor. That's crucial.

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