Saturday, May 29, 2010

Poorly Equiped

I don't have a lot to compare it to, since I've only been to one other Aeros equipment sale, but dude... where the hell was all the stuff? Seemed like there was maybe 1/4 the amount of stuff as there was last year.

Good in a way, because I didn't have to hem and haw about wanting something I didn't really need, like another practice sweater. Glad I got a couple last year so I'm set for a long time. They're nearly indestructible.

My main goal was to get a new stick, and I had all three goalie's sticks to choose from and no other smelly goalies picking thru them with me, so I had plenty of time to get what I wanted. Okay, to get what I needed. I WANTED a Brusty stick, but I'm not spending $75 on a stick I can't use and his is a bit too tall for me.

And since I can't play the puck to save my life, I wasn't sure how much I'd like the rollercoaster-esque curve he uses. I almost got one just to play around with it. And also so I could make lots of "I'm gonna go play with Brusty's stick"-type jokes. Because I'm a 12 year old boy like that.

But again, I'm too cheap.

I thought Dubie's sticks might be a contender because he's a midget like me. But his sticks are even bigger than Brusty's! I just shook my head at that. I mean, these suckers are like 8' long. Not really but damn. What's a 5'8" guy doing with a goal stick as big as a guy who's 6'2"?

 I know style has a lot to do with it, but he doesn't have any of that either, so...


I ended up getting another Anton stick and it's exactly like the one I had from last year. Light, not much curve, good paddle height. Bang. I'm happy. And there were a bunch of his old Sherwood ones, since he switched to an RBK stick during the season (guess he took those with him). I really should have gotten two. Hmm. Guess I could always just make an offer on another one now that the sale is over.

Once that was settled, I poked around in the goalie gear a bit. Dubie's chest protector was there. Super heavy, and he had some sheets of gel padding adhered to the bicep pads. Wonder if it helps. Could use some of that.

There was also a really nice, brand new Brian's c/a. I didn't see a name stitched in it but I think they wanted $500 for it. Um. No. But it was nice. Very light, nice construction.

Two sets of Brusty's pads, plus a couple of brand new blockers and some gloves were available, too. As much as I love to wallow in all things Brusty, I know how rank and filthy goalie gloves get, so I only tried on the new ones. Love a new blocker. They're so cushy and clean. Nearly asked Crazy Jim to throw a roll of tape at me so I could blocker it into the corner, but decided that would be weird to a non-goalie. :) But you goalies get me, right? Of course you do.

They did have a pair of Dubie's pads that probably would come close to fitting me but well... no thanks.

Anyway, I got myself a stick, I didn't have to wait in line or fight crowds, so I'm calling it a success, even if the selection of stuff was rather weak.

What sucked, my friends, was having to watch people play on the ice. :( That nearly brought me to tears when I was leaving. One of the guys I play with on Mondays was playing in that particular game (there's a tournament there this weekend). He's good and I miss playing with him. I miss all of it. *sigh*


maalivahti  May 30, 2010 at 9:49 AM  

I get it. Just like I'm sure you would get spending the 1st intermission last night trying to fit a puck through my mask.

Sunshine36616  May 30, 2010 at 10:34 AM  

I don't even play and I payed $80 for a BUSTED Moose stick 2 seasons ago lol.

Glad you got something you could use!

Ms. Conduct  May 30, 2010 at 10:42 AM  

I have my busted Legace stick and it just sits around. I'm not sure Mr.C will be okay with my Brusty shrine getting any bigger. :)

Girl, it totally looks like a puck would fit through your cat eyes!

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