Monday, May 24, 2010

I insomniate, therefore I write

Another Sunday, another night without hockey. Sad. Though if I'm being really honest, I miss it less the longer I go without playing.

I think a lot of it is that work is really draining me and I can't imagine working up the energy to play right now. I'm working at least 12 hour days or more during the week and have worked probably 16 hours this weekend, including 11 today. I'm exhausted. And still not caught up to my delivery schedule.

I've never run into something where I just couldn't get it done when I said I would. Even pushing out the deadline once already, I couldn't even meet that one. It's been a long few weeks and it's not going to get a lot better for some time.

But it's okay. I'm doing some good work that I know will be appreciated in the end even if all anybody can see right now are the mistakes, so there's that. Plus, my pretty, pretty, home run hittin' BlueJays are keeping me entertained for a few hours most days, which is one of the little pleasures I'm clinging to right now. Except for you, Kevin Gregg. You make me sad.

Meanwhile, however, I can't freaking sleep to save my life even though I'm exhausted. We've got some kind of chaotic thing going on with a DirecTV installation tomorrow and I'm dreading having strange men crawling all over my house, plus winding down from lots of work, thinking about hockey, etc. Finally just did what I always do: Get out of bed, get on the lappy, and write. We'll see if it helps.

Knee stuff is going pretty well. I went for bike rides Saturday and Sunday. Felt little twinges here and there and definitely felt my legs getting tired much too quickly. So I'm glad I'm reminding them what it feels like to work hard, as opposed to sit at my desk and do nothing all day like they have since I got hurt.

Down to one prednisone a day now and inflammation and swelling continue to go down, though I am icing after doing pretty much anything where I'm up and moving around a bunch. Really hoping I can play next Sunday. I definitely feel like I'm on a path for that if I can just keep improving and getting some strength back over the next few days.

That is all. ZZzzzzzz....

(Meanwhile, I woke up with the damn knee feeling like someone beat it with a hammer all night. This is going really, really well.)


Anonymous  May 24, 2010 at 12:42 PM  

Well this Sunday started off with a bunch of skating drills so I worked with Jess on down low stuff to try and stop the garbage goals from sneaking in. Using the hybrid/split butterfly off the post and stuff. Then all of a sudden the other coaches must have thought hey we don't have enough shooting drills going on. With 30 plus guys running through 2 drills each a few times I was wore out by the end of it. Around 180 shots to finish up the practice was rough, the first drill I was making the stop then passing the puck back up to the blue line to Joe and Kuny. Then to have player after player come in on the next drill kicked my ass. I think you want to make sure you are at 100% because when you are out there you will end up pushing yourself to make a save and if you get really hurt it'll be like Woody out for 9 - 10 months. No problem with you coming back if you are ready but make sure you are 100% not that you think you could.

Ms. Conduct  May 24, 2010 at 1:25 PM  

Yowza. Sounds like a tough practice. Yeah, there's no reason to push it, but I sure do appreciate you coming out for me. We'll see what the doc says Friday. Hurt like hell when I woke up this morning, so I'm not as optimistic as I was last night.

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