Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quick Hits: HGH, down with Cosmo, yay Jays, other stuff

Seriously, isn't there something The Man can inject in my knee to make it better by, say, Thursday? Hell, I'm willing to give it until Saturday. Okay, Sunday at 9:30 p.m.?

Whatever, I just really feel aimless not being able to play hockey. I can't even imagine what that's like when it's your job. At least I can still do my job (thank heavens I do that a little better than I play goal). But really, would a little bit of human growth hormone or whatever it is the studs take on the hush-hush to heal up faster be such a big ask for this weekend warrior?

Fine. I'm just grumpy. I don't just miss playing. I miss walking without a limp. I miss being able to move around without worrying about tweaking my knee.

That said, it does seem to be getting the tiniest bit better. But I'm still missing my second weekend in a row of being on the ice and that sucks. I've already committed to playing next Monday, and of course, Sunday for Novice, so I'm really hoping I'm good enough by then.

Honestly, it's a shitload harder to make the decision not to play than it is to just "man up" and play anyway.  Staying home carries a lot more fear and insecurity than playing hurt does. Fear of looking like a sissy, of losing  your spot, of being deemed "unreliable", etc. It sucks.

Have I mentioned my shoulder is jacked up, too? Yeah, 35 is turning out great. Maybe me and DiPietro can lick each others... wounds....

One thing I did kinda figure out is that this pain feels and behaves very much like my achilles tendinitis did. So now I'm looking at the solutions that fixed that and seeing if maybe they help with this. It involves deep, extremely painful massage of the damaged muscles in my groin and calf, which I'm trying to do myself for now, but I may end up seeing if my MT can work on me, too. We'll see. At least it's a direction to go in for now.


So, I got my haircut last week, which rocked cuz I don't do it often. They have a new guy working there and he got his claws in me and waxed my brows, too. The shape is amazing. Queer Eye for the Hockey Girl, it was.

Anyway, while I was waiting, I was reading a Cosmo magazine for the first time since my early 20s. I quit reading magazines like that back then because I realized they were just warping my sense of self and my self esteem.

It really struck me while reading the feature article on Lada Gaga. Now, I'm not a big Gaga fan, but I respect her for pretty much showing up, doing things her way, and being a huge success at it. But this interview with her was literally question after question about men, relationships, etc.

I get that that's Cosmo's angle, but damn, here's a chance to feature a woman who kicked ass on her own terms and all they wanna know is what she looks for in a man? Who gives a shit? The whole article, I kept wishing she'd just say, "I'm a lesbian. So, can we talk about me now? *I* don't even care who I'm fucking as much as you people care!"

Anyway, I was reminded why I don't even bother with those mags. I'm convinced they turn you vapid and needy and encourage women to be someone they're not just to please men. Well, not YOU personwhoreadsMsConductANDCosmo, but the rest of them. You know who I'm talking about.

Not to say I haven't had a few glaring moments of hypocrisy on this front.... damn goalies.

Hey, and while I'm on empowering women, if you're ever in a "crazy bitch with subtitles" kinda mood, dial up La Femme Nikita (Luc Besson's French version) on Netflix or wherever and enjoy. I haven't watched it in years but that was on heavy rotation back in my 20s. If I ever get my name put on a jersey, I'm gonna put Nikita. She'd stop your puck and kill you before you're done with your follow-through.


How about my freaking Blue Jays!!?! I'm totally taking credit for how lens flare and happy cat they are this season. Yeah, I know they haven't played anyone. Shut up. Let me enjoy it before angry little girl sets in.


Just learned that they make Stetson Black... which is apparently the "sexy" Stetson fragrance. Um. Jesus.

Speaking of tingling down there, look who made it on to a fake billboard for the Aeros! Seeks it, huh? Heh.

Honestly, if that were a real billboard, I'd would find a reason to drive that way no matter where I'm going. "I'm going to Katy, but, uh, I'm gonna swing by Pearland first."


artandhockey  May 10, 2010 at 8:12 AM  

That campaigne will start NEXT season? Bucky, Brusty and Speedy? WOW. Can we presume these 3 will be back LOL? Actually I like listening to Lady Gaga (occasionally) at least she HAS rhythm.
Get well soon...

Chris Jerina  May 10, 2010 at 8:28 AM  

Bucky? I thought it was McMillan (#27) not Brandon... in which case "he wants it" means a 5 minute major for boarding?

Ms. Conduct  May 10, 2010 at 8:40 AM  

Yeah, that's big Mac, and yeah, I laughed at that.

Mac will be back. DiSalvatore's a possibility. Definitely no Brusty. :(

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