Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goalie thighs and other happy places

I'm gonna go ahead and admit that one of my big fascinations with pro goalies is, well, their thighs. Like (god, I can't believe I'm saying this) in my little goalie fantasies, there is definitely some thigh fondling going on. That little fetish didn't start until I started playing goal myself and realized how much thigh strength is required to do many of the simplest things as a goalie. Like, getting up and down, lateral pushes, and of course, that wide, low stance.

That's what made me think of this. Watching Rask stop Leino's penalty shot, they showed a replay from behind the net and I was blown away by how low and wide his stance was, yet he was still mobile. And my first thought was, "Oh my fuck, the groins on that guy!"

It really is just astounding.

Meanwhile, I'm going to get my weak little, completely-not-worth-fondling thigh muscles prodded to death by my wonderful MT tomorrow. Only 30 minutes scheduled because I can't take an hour of that kind of abuse. Really hoping my knee gets some relief, even if other things have to be in pain to do it.

She commented that I take the pain pretty well, but myofacial release on groin muscles is different from calf muscles. I guarantee I'll be going to my happy place and doing some yoga breathing to get through it.


My happy place used to be in a hammock on a beach, but now it's press row at hockey. That's completely dysfunctional, I'm pretty sure, but I just don't care.


So I've been working so much this week, I realized today, I haven't left my house since Monday. Today, I finally walked out the door and took the dog around the block. My neighbor was nice enough to roll my garbage can up to the front of the house. My mailbox was stuffed to the gills (all junk, thanks).

At least tomorrow I get to leave for a couple of hours since I have a couple of errands to run after my MT appointment.


Jaroslav Halak is sending me loves notes. He defends his crease, he makes ballsy passes up the ice, he challenges out in the CIRCLES, bitches. WTF? Who has the stones to play like that when your season is on the line? Only a really confident sonofabitch, that's who. God bless him.

I hate to be a bandwagoner but he makes me wanna riot in the streets. I'm not sure he's human. I think he may be a long lost Sedin. Part zombie, part robot. I dunno.


I honestly do not care who win the Flyers-Bruins game seven. I'm just happy it went to that, so Montreal gets a little rest. But I guess this means no hockey tomorrow night. Reminds me of the day not far off when there will be no hockey any night. I hate that day.

But by then, I will have my Toskala t-shirt and that will sustain me for weeks. Maybe months.


My new nightly bedtime routine is to catch up on the Jays with Mike Wilner's blog and podcast of his post-game radio show. Man, what a bunch of idiots that call in. Apparently lots of people don't like him because he does come off kinda cocky, but frankly, when you're so much more logical than everybody else you're interacting with, I think cockiness is unavoidable.

I totally meant to work some more before bed tonight, but that plan turned into this, and now Mr. Wilner and his idiot caravan of callers are singing to me instead. Goodnight!


Sunshine36616  May 13, 2010 at 8:07 AM  

I love me some Pens and I was pulling for them all the way, but DAMN Halak is amazing. Halak it like that!

maalivahti  May 17, 2010 at 7:27 AM  

Ok I think this is an ok place to admit that I honestly drooled a little over some of Rask's saves and movement in the crease. I think my husband was sick of hearing "did you SEE that?!" especially when it had nothing to do with a save, just him moving around with those powerful legs. Holy balls.

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