Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Really good things today

  1. The Jays not only won their game, but CRUSHED the Twins. And it was FUN to watch. Some wacky stuff going on. It's like the happy cat was vomiting lens flares all over the place. Welcome back, Edwin!
  2. I got to watch them do it on the big TV because they were on the MLB Network.
  3. Then when a work meeting started and I had to come back to my office, I got to finish watching it on MLB.tv (THANK YOU!)
  4. I'm wearing a Leafs Toskala t-shirt. Nice shirt, too. $6. Feels weird wearing a Leafs shirt because I really don't even give a crap about them, but Tosky's time there was so epic in how much angst and misery surrounded him, the whole thing is perverse and wonderful and warrants a t-shirt.
  5. TWO hockey games tonight!
  6. Work is getting somewhat under control. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I'm still listening for a horn.
  7. My knee is feeling better (so of course, I tested it a bit and now it hurts again, but nothing an ice pack didn't set right).
  8. My very nice friend sent me some righteous joint supplements to try out and see if they help my knees. Looking forward to seeing if they work for me. I'm having to accept that my body isn't as low maintenance as it used to be.

Game time! Go Habs! Go... whoever!


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