Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wisdom of the Slopes and other junk

Loved the post-bronze-medal-run interview with Bode Miller today:

"You need to know you enjoyed it. I mean, it's the Olympics. So, I closed my eyes as I went across the line, I kinda shut everything off for a second and went back through and gave myself a thumbs up, so I was psyched at that point. And it's obviously great to get a medal out of it, too, but at that point you have to be honest with yourself whether you performed well or didn't, and I was psyched with it."
That struck a chord with me, and is pretty much how I operate, which means there's often a disconnect in the way my team perceives my play and how I perceive it.

Coach Stalin was telling me the other day how some of my teammates she plays with on another night were talking about how well I played a few weeks ago, and I just don't see it. I had a couple of good saves late in the game and we won, but a couple of goals early that were so soft, you could stuff 'em in a pillowcase and sleep on 'em.

So, I guess if it's good enough for Bodie, it's good enough for me. Stop worrying about what anybody else thinks, progress the way I need to progress, and be honest with myself about my performance.


So, my gut reaction when I saw this cage set-up was:

"Oh my god! HAHAHAHA!"

What is UP with that? Beyond the aesthetics, it doesn't even look safe. I know women don't tend to have the slapshot that will break bars on your cage, but... well... I dunno. It's like she ran through a chicken coop on her way to the rink and just kept the chicken wire wrapped around her helmet. Ugh.

It's interesting anyway. Hutch tweeted for more information on it, so hopefully we'll learn more. But really. Honey. Mercy.


Deciding whether to play the Tuesday drop-in tomorrow night. I said I'd play it when I don't get invited to Monday's drop-in, and I'd really like a little more time on this new sharpening to get used to it.

Worst case, we have too many goalies and it sucks and I have an opportunity to say something to the rink guys about how fucking stupid it is to not have a cap on how many goalies can participate.

The good news is that my knee is feeling pretty good today, so getting some rest for it has helped and alleviates my worry that there's something more significant going on that rest won't fix.

Honestly, I'm feeling kinda jacked about this new sharpening. I think it's the start of improving some things in my game, once I get past the terror of tripping over myself due to too much bite. :)


Men's Olympic hockey starts tomorrow. I'm pretty jacked for that and don't even really care what country is playing which at this point. I just need my insatiable thirst for hockey quenched. I had to stop myself several times from dialing up the NHL Network tonight to watch OTF.

This video makes me laugh from beginning to end... Is there anything funnier than a nerdy looking white guy rapping so earnestly? OMG. I think I have a new front runner for Best At-Bat Song.

Bitch. Is. Thirstayyyy.


Pat  February 16, 2010 at 1:02 PM  

That cage/helmet combo is an old Jofa set-up that was always popular with the Europeans. Tommy Salo and Vincent Riendeau wore similar ones in the NHL. I haven't seen one used in years.

Ms. Conduct  February 16, 2010 at 1:08 PM  

Yeah, I mean, I've seen plenty of goalies wearing combos, but never anything like this with such an exaggerated cage. Maybe it throws shooters off? Sure throws me off. :)

Anonymous  February 16, 2010 at 2:20 PM  

the female goalie for china had something similar. Does look a little overkill, and might wanna rethink the slap shot force after watching the American and Canadian women play. I am digging watching them play too. Cool thing is that the Lameroux twins older brother was the Alaska ACES (ECHL) goalie last year. Nice to see a family that dedicated.
Have ya seen the crap about Miller and Quick having to remove the slogans from their helmets?
"Miller Time" is too much a beer reference evidently...
"Support the Troops" is too much Propaganda....

Airborne Moose

Ms. Conduct  February 16, 2010 at 2:37 PM  

Yeah, I'm sure the ladies can put some hard shots out but not as hard as the hardest of the men (heh). Moroever, from what I've read, women tend to play a more finesse game rather than turning to brute force/slapshot/ifyoucan'tfindahole,makeahole shots. :)

I guess I just figure she must play with men some and I would NOT get in goal with those skinny little bars over my grill around anybody with a reasonable shot.

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