Tuesday, February 9, 2010

O hai internets! I mist yew!

Oh my lord, it's been a long day. Up at 6, dog to kennel, drive to Austin, workworkwork, dinner with coworkers, hockey game (well, the final 2 periods) in Cedar Park.

Very happy to be in bed at this fine hotel with my pointy boots OFF my aching feet enjoying some free popcorn and wifi that doesn't block every site I'm addicted to except Google Reader. Ahhh....

All the other stuff is boring, so I'll tell ya about the game. Stars v. Griffins. You'd think it would be Stars all the way, but it was exactly the opposite.

Remember, Aeros fans, back when the boys would whiff on EVERY SHOT, or hit a post, or shoot just wide, or fall down, or break a stick, or or or... do anything BUT put a shot in the net? That was the Stars tonight.

Though after coming home and finding out their all-star defenseman, Ivan Vishnevsky was traded to Atlanta for Kari Lehtonen, I wonder if the room wasn't a little rattled tonight.

Even my boy Climie seemed... off. Not his usual quiet, confident, ZenMaster self.

Felt awful for Larsson in the other net. He had a shutout going with around 3 minutes left and the Stars put the puck on him and he shut down his 5-hole but it trickled through and into the net. DOH. Though I admit, it was amusing to watch him watch the replay and then shake his head. There there, Danny.

I was only there for the final 2 periods, and really, if I'm getting there 40 mins after puck drop, can't you cut me a break on the $10 parking, Cedar Park Center? What a rip off. There's ACRES of empty land around that place. You pay $7 in downtown Houston and it's a shorter walk into the arena. Pfft.

I sat by the Griffins scratch, Paul Crosty, but didn't want to bother him. Seemed nice enough though, when a group sat RIGHT next to him and started chatting with him for the entire rest of the game. Hmm.

As far as the barn, which I've been in before, but only in the rarefied air of the press box (where I have to stand to see the near boards... bad box for short people), this time I was in the "crowd"... 3000 something. A couple of things:

Dear Stars Fan behind me,

It's a puck. Not a ball. If you're gonna razz the goalie, please PLEASE at least get that rather critical fact straight.


Dear Stars Fans on the glass in front of me,

Calling Daniel "Danielle" was decent. Keep it up. Make the other goalie cry. But if you sit a little higher so your voice carries over the glass, you'll do better.

Also, you could cheer FOR your team occasionally with that big mouth of yours.

Yours in bad attitudes,


Their ice is shitty. Very wet to start the periods. Even though the place was freeeezing cold. I'm spoiled by the toasty Toyota Center.

It's also smaller than I remember. Feels more like an ECHL game, to be honest. As Mickey Mouse as Aeros games can be sometimes, it still feels more like a "big time" situation because of the Toyota Center.

However, I paid $9 and could have sat pretty much anywhere but the suites, which, BTW, were almost all occupied even though the bowl was less than half full. Now THAT was strange. I think the only people ever in the suites (at least opposite the press box) at the TC are the scratched Aeros. Definitely indicates local business support though, right?

Anyway, that's enough randomness. Time to set a wake-up call and try to sleep. Or more likely lay here and play Bejeweled Blitz for an hour and think about how fucking tired I'm gonna be driving home tomorrow. Right on.

Just about everything from Led Zeppelin says "Let's have sex in my car" to me. No clue why.


starryeyed  February 10, 2010 at 9:37 AM  

Everything was off last night...the players, the crowd, the announced attendance (no way in hell there were anywhere close to 4k people there), everything. Tuesday games don't normally get a lot of fans, but last night was worse than usual. Especially if you don't count the (surprising, to me anyway) number of people cheering for the Griffins.

I've seen Climie on off nights before, and I've seen him angry before, but I've never seen him as frowny and pissy as last night. He seemed to have some sort of issue with his right pads during the first period, leading to at least one of the goals against him. I thought his grumpiness was just because he was disgusted with the mess on the ice in front of him, but now I'm wondering if maybe he was thinking he's that much further from seeing NHL ice now. What do you think?

artandhockey  February 10, 2010 at 10:08 AM  

Ah so, you too had some of those 'FANS' (one in particular seemed a hockeyplayer off ice but twice as vocal in his critique !) around you! Must have sat rather nearby where we were Saturday! Your eardrums still intact? LOL.

Well, the Stars ARE entitled to a 'bad puck' day or not!
Better for the Aeros, keeps the competition alive and hot! Apropos hot.. how did Nr. 26 do Tuesday?
Re parking at 10/car.. well 'someone' has to help pay for the thing!

Nick  February 10, 2010 at 12:42 PM  

"It's a puck. Not a ball. If you're gonna razz the goalie, please PLEASE at least get that rather critical fact straight." ... now I gotta know exactly what they were saying?

I so would've been all over that fan's case. They sat that close and couldn't tell it wasn't a ball?!? Maybe THEY need to borrow the ref's glasses for a change ...

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