Monday, February 15, 2010

Quick Hits: Novice game, V-day, Serious Reportering, Olys

My green team won 5-4 last night, but more because my team played unbelievable defense.

First goal, I was screened but probably should have gone down. Went right between my feet. Second, I just got burned top shelf. Got my glove up but missed it. Third, I got beat short side from a shot in close. I should have poke checked. The fourth, it was a straight shot that I was too deep for and kinda overplayed a slide and it went in just inside the far post.

But I had some pretty sweet saves. My favorite was a blocker save I made as I was sliding over. Really nice and a sure goal otherwise. Wasn't a great game but not even close to my worst either.

Lots of new faces tonight, too, which made it more fun. Very novice but just enough movement to keep it interesting, though I really didn't see a ton of shots and Jessica did and played really really well. My team was even dropping to block shots, which is just awesome and fills me with <3.

A question I need to run by my mental training coach is why it is that when I really don't want to be there, like I don't feel good or just don't feel like playing, why I play so much better. I was feeling like shit not having eaten enough at dinner and was shaking from hunger. Took a long time for the Luna bar I scarfed before I left the house to kick in.

But it frustrates me a little that good play comes from such a negative place for me. When I'm excited to play and eager at the start, those are my worst games. What's up with that??

Further, this was my first time to skate on my newly sharpened skates. I went from 1" to 3/4" hollow and boy was that a surprise when I skated to my net and tried to stop for the first time. Ha!

I got used to it for the most part by the end of the game, but I need to get out and work on t-pushes so I can get across faster. I am definitely more agile, it's easier to recover, movements are more crisp. It's going to be great in the long run, but it's a hell of an adjustment!


Pretty good V-day yesterday. Nice breakfast at Buffalo Grille with Mr.C and my favorite french toast with strawberries. Best bacon EVER at the Buff. Nommmmm.

Then we ran a few errands and I got a new laptop bag for my netbook so I don't have to carry my big ol' ugly black bag to games. It's cute and only $10 because dudes who shop at CompUSA (why are you back???) don't necessarily dig "cute." Nerds.

And then I got to cover the Aeros for the Chronicle, which is always fun to put that j-school degree to work and make the parents happy. Plus, an excuse to interview Brusty. :) Normally, I don't like to bother dragging players out of the room because my PHN stuff is so high level, player quotes on individual games aren't usually too relevant until playoff time. But for the Chron, it's good and he gave some important color for my story.

They originally rewrote my lead but I notice my version is back now. Not sure why, but I'm glad. I figure, I don't get the chance very often (nor should I, because Andrew is The Man), so I figured I'd throw a fun lead against the wall and see if it stuck.

Anyway, tough loss to a Chicago team that is just on fire right now. Not sure what's up with the boys but they're not playing with a whole lot of fire. Not bringing 60 minutes of hard compete. Just not typical, but I hope they get it together.


We have 3 goalies again. *sigh* Anton's hip is better, according to Russo, so he was sent down today. As much as I'm enjoying the Olympics, the Olympic break can just kiss my ass.

But speaking of Olys, I watched 2 periods of USA v China women's hockey. What I love about hockey in the Olys is that you really get to appreciate the underdog. Like in individual or really quick sports, the cameras just focus on the leaders and everyone else is an also-ran. But in hockey, you get to see the underdog goalie a LOT because they're just getting shelled.

And typically being the underdog goalie myself, I dig that. It's inspiring. So, I'm really going to enjoy these early rounds, I think.


Errr, I guess I better go buy a paper, huh? :)


Goody  February 15, 2010 at 12:54 PM  

Nice job on the Houston Chronicle article!

Anonymous  February 16, 2010 at 2:59 PM  

Scotty thoughts:
1. Good tie in with the wolves and 3 little pigs. If you get poor reffing one game feel free to use 3 blind mice. Which is actually banned by the nhl since organists use to play it in the ole days.

2. Not a shrink but perhaps when you don't care you don't over analyze what you are doing. There are all sorts of ways to stop a puck, my goal is to show you some saves you could use but in the end it's up to you. I tell the kids that I coach that too.

3. Tell me how you like the 3/4 in a month or so, I had been using 1 inch for ever just cuz so it'll be neat to hear how that goes.

4. Also liked on the latest story your recount of how they went in, helps you to think about what you could do next time. Shooters are very fond of repeating what worked in the past.

Ms. Conduct  February 16, 2010 at 3:22 PM  

2. Yeah. The less I think, the better and I think you're right. But how do I recapture that while still being excited to play. I'd like to look forward to it AND play well ideally. You know?

3. I will report back. I've thought about you several times with this and I think you'd like it. But I'll keep you posted. I think with your stronger legs and better skating skills, it would be less of an adjustment for you.

4. When I actually let so few in, I can actually remember what they were. :) Chicken/egg, I guess.

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