Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bruisy knees

Awww, how I love Monday drop-in. Played really well tonight. Some big saves and I made them work for their goals. Only a couple that really pissed me off, both right between my feet. My aversion to the vertical-horizontal pad position burns me again. Bah. It just feels so unstable, but it would have saved those.

Probably one of my better games in terms of save % though. Stopped a lot more than I didn't.

Have I mentioned I love my new sharpening? Scott, not waiting a month. Just do it. You'll love it. If my shitty-skating ass can make the change and take advantage of it this quickly, I know you can.

Of course, the other guy had a friggin' shut out through 2/3s of the ice time. He was just on fire. And made one highlight reel save at the end that even he couldn't believe. We were both kinda "Wow" at ourselves afterward, which was fun.

What wasn't fun was being pulled over as soon as I got on 59 to head home because I had a tail light out. Not a brake light. A tail light. Seriously dude? You pull me off the freeway into a deserted parking lot at 11 at night for that? Please find something better to do. Anyway, make that Sugar Land parking lots-3, Ms.Conduct-0.

The only crime I committed tonight in my car is the smell of my gear. Time to give the ol' gloves a good defunking and wash the rest of the stuff on Sanitize with my smelliest detergent. Ahhhh. I'm so excited for that, I'm tempted to do it right now. :D My hands seriously stink right now.


Jaeger got CHL goalie of the week for the second week in a row. Good grief. You're making the rest of us look lazy, dude. Simmer down. I guess the fans love him, too. At least one fan does, to the tune of $700 this ugly (IMO) jersey. Blech.


Vancouver's pretty. One of those places I think I wouldn't want to go because I'd be so sad to leave. Not that our freeways and bayous aren't really... swell... but you know...

Though I do have an invite for some coaching there this summer. Ha. Yeah. I think I'm only gonna get away with one week away from home for playing on the ice. Plus, his camp does off-ice training. Pfft. Nahhhh, sounds like work. Let's skate a bunch and drink beer after. Lemme know when you have THAT camp, my friend.


So. Ice dancing is a "sport" huh? Oooookay.


Some nights the song is obvious. Tonight it was not, but this feels right, other than the tone of the video being about 180 degrees from the tone of the song. You're trying too hard, Chairlift.


artandhockey  February 23, 2010 at 9:42 AM  

What 'ugly'?
Had to go see for myself!
Hey, it seems to express what you like/love about the guy!
Reliant Energy!!!! tee hee!

Ms. Conduct  February 23, 2010 at 9:46 AM  

Haha! Yeah, I suppose it does. I just cringe that you don't even know what team the sweater is for!

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