Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Trying something different

I'm not talking about my game tonight. I'm tired of talking about my games. I play at the TC on Saturday and I just want to numb out until then.

I AM getting a massage tomorrow, though I'm in 70% better shape than I was last time I played a 3 in 3. It helped that tonight I only played maybe 45 minutes due to there being FOUR goalies. And I never really got in a position where I had to do any big splits or anything, so my hips and groins are happy about that.

Normally having an excess of goalies would bug me, but given my crease time lately, I was okay with that, especially since I shared a crease with Scotty, who I haven't seen in ages. Fun to team up with him again and fun to just watch some hockey.

But I'm posting anyway because I've got an update on the weird locker room situation I posted about last week. One of the good guys (as in, guys who are just ridiculously cool and fun to play with) mentions how a guy last week seemed like he was drunk or high or something.

I was thinking, "Who?" and then it dawned on me: THE GIGGLER!! And it WAS him.

So there ya go. It wasn't a weird locker room situation because of ME, it was weird because the dude's a freaking stoner and was having a giggly fit! It all made sense when I thought about it. It would be even more ironic if it were the guy who looked like Clayton Stoner, but he's not.

Maybe I'll keep some Doritos in my bag and become his best friend. Though apparently he hooked one of the white team defensemen around the neck last week. THAT must have been what the other goalie was having a shit fit about. Good for him. Ahhh, everything falls into place!

So, that's kind of a weight off my mind. I actually dreamed about that whole situation last night, so obviously it was weighing on me more than I was admitting to myself.

I'll be getting out to buy black nail polish tomorrow, too. Took a couple of shots off the mask tonight and I guess one off my dangler, so now I'm missing a bunch of paint off the bottom of my chin. :( Boo.

Heard this Weezer song on the way home. Love this: "If you don't like it, you can shove it. But you don't like it, you love it." I'll admit, however, that the bad grammar is really irritating. The greatest man WHO ever lived, boys... WHO.


walkinvisible  October 14, 2009 at 3:39 PM  

best time of year to buy black nailpolish... don't be fooled, though. spend the extra bucks on a good one, like, with teflon.


hipchecks  October 14, 2009 at 10:14 PM  

Weezer? Dang you are just going with all my fav bands all of a sudden. Did you get into my mp3 player? :P

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