Sunday, October 4, 2009


So, I had another sweet glove save tonight and driving home, it finally dawned on me what it's like when I catch a puck.

You know how on The Price is Right when someone wins a car, or the Showcase Showdown, or they land on the 1.00 on the wheel thingy?

Yeah. It's kinda like that. Maybe not the jumping up and down and screaming but, dude, it's exciting and shocking. It's like Derek Boogaard getting a goal. It's awesome and rainbows appear in the sky and birds sing pretty songs and my boobs look a little perkier...

Oh yeah baby. That's what it's like.

Got a nice one tonight. And every time, I do the whole look-in-the-glove-in-disbelief thing. It's the dorkiest thing ever, but hey, whatever makes your heart feel big and warm, right?

Had some nice stops, including a sliding save on a pass at my doorstep that Scotty would have been proud of.

Also, Jessica was chasing down a loose puck coming into my end, so I went out and attempted a big poke check again.

Problem with the BPC is that once I get to the puck, I'm not sure what to do. What I really WANT to do is just go lumberjack on the skater or do one of these:

But I don't want to hurt anybody and I'm not agile or fast enough to get to the puck and do something with it (geez, I suck at handling the puck), so my options are limited. So far, both times I've distracted them enough to make them miss their shot. And tonight, Coach Dan read the situation and intercepted the shot and cleared it to safety, so it was fine.

Oh well, it's a blast to just go out there and fuck with the skaters a bit. Just glad it didn't turn into a goal.

Anyway, my team won 12-10 in 105 minutes of play (we had extra ice time), though I let in some real stinkers so it was certainly in spite of me. My D was playing their asses off tonight, which makes it a lot easier for me to read plays, so I liked that. And I stopped the really good guy a few times, too, so that rocked.

It was just fun. Everyone was loose and lively and having a good time. It's always a blast when people aren't taking things too seriously (except, of course, defense in front of me... haha).

One thing I got burned on twice (and this is the third or fourth time now) is that when I butterfly, my pad isn't perfectly straight up and down. So then when I try to seal to the post at the bend before the toe of the pad, it leaves a puck-sized hole. I guess I need to work on getting the toe of the pad outside the post. Seems obvious, but for some reason, I haven't done it that way.

Oh well, something else to work on! I'll try to give some concentration to that at Tuesday's drop-in, where I will, no doubt, have my ass handed to me for the third week in a row. Ho-hum.

I like this song. Something about the chord change in the chorus turns me on. It's just hot.


Goody  October 5, 2009 at 7:25 AM  

I'm no goalie, and know little about playing the position, but I'm going to attempt some advice anyway. When you go out to play the puck, you don't necessarily have to make a pass to a wing standing at the far blue line. Your primary goal should be to give your defense a chance to get back and do their thing. So, depending on where they are, that can be simply chipping it forward 10 ft to currently open ice where they can pick it up. Or, dumping it back behind your net. Or, pushing it to the corner or wall. The key from my observations is to do it quick and decisively, then high tail it back to your crease.

Speaking as a D-man, attempt to make your intentions clear to your D. I hate it when my goalie plays the puck and just holds and holds and holds. Dump it to the corner or something so I know what to do! If you just stand there, I don't know if you're planning on a corner dump or a breakout pass or what.

Ms. Conduct  October 5, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

Well, my issue is even getting my stick on the puck. Usually I'm getting to it about the same time as the opponent and that's the situation in which I'm a little like a dog whose caught the car... what the fuck do I do now? :D

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