Friday, October 2, 2009

Since I don't smoke...

I didn't finish my work tonight, nor did I watch Calgary/Vancouver, but I did get that mascot gig in Hawaii, so that's something. Suh-weet! Feeling much better...

But I'm wide awake now and in a pretty good mood. I hate to waste that on my actual job, so I thought I'd blather on a bit here.

I did watch the first two periods of Leafs/Habs after the relentless pre-game ceremony, during which all I could think was "OMFGDROPTHEFUCKINGPUCK!!!!! DROPITDROPITDROPITDROPITDROPIT!!!!!!!"

I had it on mute, so if it was moving and worthy of so much time, then I apologize to you, Canada. You know I love you, baby. I'm sorry I yelled. Here's some flowers.

It just sucks when they show the players, who are fired up and ready to go, yet they have to stand there during all this blue carpet crap. I'm just thinking of the boys. Someone should.

Speaking of which, tonight Mr. C got sarcastic with me about something and hit my Pissed Off button pretty hard. He realized his mistake quicker than I've EVER seen him do and said, "Sorry."

I'm still glaring at him.





All this time, if he'd just talk to me in Canadian, I'd never get mad at him. If he'd wear hockey gloves and a carry a stick around, he might never get to leave the house. Rawr!

Oh, hey, check it! Pics of me playing goal. These are the only ones where I even look remotely like I'm doing anything I'm supposed to be doing. All the rest, I'm incredibly out of position or way deep in my net. It's horrible! I can only imagine how much video work would help me, but I'm too chicken.

Keeping an eye on the puck along the boards. Should probably have moved forward out of my net by now.

What's going on here? I look like I'm doing some kind of animal impression. Rabbit? (Shut up.)

This is the part where Scott TFCG would be screaming "GET UP! GET THE FUCK UP!!!!" at me.

Am I an ad for RBK or what? Pads, gloves, stick. My pants are RBK, too.

I'm guessing I could get a non-endorsement deal from them. Like, "We'll pay you to stop wearing our gear." Fine. Pay me enough to get some Bauer X-Rated...

Anyway, thanks to Deborah, Jessica's aunt, for coming out and shooting our game a few weeks ago. And for not publishing any shots of me getting scored on. :)

Alrighty. Should probably have a snack and get back to work.


JL  October 2, 2009 at 7:27 AM  

I'm hoping for one of those Bauer endorsements. Bauer lid, cage, shoulders, elbows, gloves, pants, shins, skates,'s a little out of control. You know you're bad when you say "well...I like that one a little more but the other matches my gear."

Ms. Conduct  October 2, 2009 at 8:15 AM  

Yeah, it's a relief for my gloves to match my pads now. That really bothered me.

artandhockey  October 2, 2009 at 8:30 AM  

WOW, scary!
Cute in your Aeros jersey.
Hug an Aeros today ;-)!

Bandgeek  October 3, 2009 at 8:38 AM  

I think you looked snazzy in all those pictures. Better than I would, of course I would have fallen down a lot so most pictures of me would be of me laying on the ice. Those pictures did make me want an Aeros jersey, maybe you could get one of those endorsement deals from them.

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