Monday, October 26, 2009

Medicate here with me

I'm kinda frustrated with my game tonight.

A simple list, because I'm grouchy:

  • Too much 5-hole. Stick on the motherfucking ice, bitch. It's not rocket surgery. Two goals in this way tonight.
  • One goal was a beautiful back door pass where I was focused too hard on the puck carrier and wasn't loaded to slide.
  • One goal hit the top of my leg pad and bounced in. Don't really know what to do about those, but I never see it happen to pros, so I know I'm doing something wrong.
  • The final goal was a tip-in by my defenseman. Kind of a weird one that would have just fluttered to safety, but my D batted it down and into the net. I guess there was probably more I could have done there, but in the mental math of goaltending and calculating threats, my own guy putting it in the net was a lot lower than my concern about covering the bottom of the net. So I was down, and he was up, and goal.
  • How come MY guy can bat it in with a high stick but if the opponent does, the goal is called off? Huh? HUH? Fuck that rule sideways.
I did catch a couple. Man, nothing better than a nice glove save. But I'm still frustrated that I let in those softies. Would have been a tie without those. Jessica played well at the other end. *sigh*

Apart from the glove saves, which were badass, Scotty rifled one at me and if I had implants, would have busted one of them. Ouch. But I stopped him, so there. I made a toe save on Peed that normally would have gotten past me. Also had a nice sliding save to stop a shot on a back door pass. Great positioning there.

Oh, and one other good thing I did. When I was getting lit up in the second period and getting frustrated, I remembered that I was supposed to be HAVING FUN. I rarely remember that when I'm getting beat up, but it helped (so, thank you to my fellow goalie readers who remind me of this occasionally).

Also, these games don't wear me out like they used to, so I stayed on the ice a few more minutes after the game, since they were slow to get the zam going, and worked on my butterfly a bit (including keeping my stick on the ice). I'm not usually an "extra work" kinda gal, but I'm glad I stole a few moments of ice there.

Looking forward to playing SLICE tomorrow.

Haven't eaten for about 12 hours now, but I've got my usual disappointing-game=lack-of-appetite thing going. Not even a little hungry, other than I know I should eat or I'm gonna feel like dookie tomorrow. I think a bowl of cereal just so I'm not chewing on my pillow in the morning is probably a good idea.


Sunshine36616  October 26, 2009 at 8:11 AM  

Love that song btw. I love to drum it on Guitar Hero World Tour.
Don't be too hard on yourself, you are doing well. Hell, the Thrashers might give you a call up considering the luck we've had with goalies lately lol.

artandhockey  October 26, 2009 at 8:39 AM  

well, not too bad for a not so hungry 'tigress'!

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