Friday, October 23, 2009

More Quick Hits: Head pinching, Chris Holt, 5-hole

Wow, what a title!

First, this post by the Hockey Junkies made me laugh. Top Ten Things Injured Players are doing in the Press Box during a Game. I think the least you could do is pinch opponents heads (#1), especially if you don't know my cell number (#10).

Sexting. Hahahaha... yeah.*ahem* Anyway...


Speaking of which, my goalie fetish continues to spread like kudzu. The latest on my mind is Chris Holt, for whom I fell during those endless strings of games against Peoria last season.

He never did anything but warm-up behind Manny Legace, but he was energetic, charming, forthright, and engaging with the fans and worried about cutting my toes off with his skates as he paced around during a particularly intense shootout, so I was smitten.

That said, he's with the Senators organization now and he got sent down to the ECHL Elmira Jackals due to overcrowding in the ranks. He finally gets his first start sometime this weekend. I can just picture him bounding around the crease. In warm-ups, he looked spring-loaded, which is pretty unusual for a big guy (6'3" 230).

Why am I writing about this here? Well, he's not back in the AHL yet, so no excuse to write about him for InGoalMag. If I didn't have a real job or if I didn't cover the Aeros, I'd totally cover the Coast and the CHL for InGoal. Which reminds me, I owe a daily report over there.

If there are any Jackals fans reading, let me know how he looks, will ya?


Illegal Curve wants an update on my five-hole. I think, like most hockey fans, they want to hear that it's nice and tight, and I'm happy to report that it is. No problems there lately. It's the other holes that are getting the action.

Thank God I've never told my mom about this blog.


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