Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ms.Conduct dominates the shit out of stick and puck

Okay, not really. Some Canadian kid in black did. (How do I know he was Canadian? He said, "Nice save, eh?" Dude is straight off the plane from Manitoba, I bet my favorite tuque on it.)

But I did play well, I thought, and I have the bizarre aches to prove it. Stopped one shot with the inside of my ankle. Not a super hard one but not much padding there either. But it was a difficult save that I wouldn't have normally gotten over for but I was all bringing the noise right then and got in front of it. Sick. I was so proud.

Also made some really nice blocker saves and one with the shaft of my stick. Bitches, don't go blocker side on me. I got that. Glove side is another story.

One guy was nice enough to come over and say, "Hey, hold your glove up and open and you'll be bigger." Oh yeah. I think I'd kinda written off my glove side. Felt better after that. Amazing how your form kinda falls apart when nobody is taking the time to point out the stuff you're doing wrong. May need to talk to my D about helping me with that. I'm having a hard time progressing without feedback. Then again, I also want to rip their throats out if they talk to me after a goal so maybe I should just bring a video camera.

Anyway, I had some really nice saves on some nice shots, even though, like Sunday, my footwork felt really clumsy. I'm not sure what's going on there. My balance was bad. My skate kept getting stuck in holes on the ice. Augh. The post saved me several times when I couldn't get across. I was looking at my blades and I think the inside edge is worn down but the outside is still pretty sharp and I'm catching on it or something. I dunno. I should have left them to get sharpened.

I also did something to my wrist but I can't figure out what. I didn't fall on it or anything, but man does it ache.

Here's what's so fucking dumb and drives me up the wall. Every. Single. Shot. I drop into the fly to save got past me. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Now if that's not incentive to stay on my feet... Plus with my balance so crappy today, getting up was clumsier than usual. Luckily these kids shoot high a lot.

And I have to admit, I actually kind of enjoy this more than Sunday nights. It's like a one-night stand. No strings, no commitment, just sweaty fun that feels great and then you go your separate ways. Novice, OTOH, is like a real relationship where both sides are keeping score and your own team is sick of XYZ about you and you're sick of ABC about them. But at least there's some comraderie there. I'm the only chick at stick and puck, so it's just me in the room, which is kinda lonely.

But I got several "great save" comments and one of the guys said I "played good today" on the way back to the room, so that was a real boost, as compared to last time where they spent the whole game looking sideways at me.

Next week: I bust out the monster poke check on these deking mother fuckers. I'm sick of that shit.

Time to shower and get up to the TC for Game 5. Hopefully the hockey high will last well into the night with an Aeros win. Someone down there slap Pouly around to get him pissed off. He plays better that way.


"Dave Schultz"  April 22, 2009 at 5:50 PM  

your Cougar game day posts are my new favorite.

I mean, "Next week: I bust out the monster poke check on these deking mother fuckers. I'm sick of that shit."


GO AEROS. I will slap Benny if it'll be of assistance.

Ms. Conduct  April 22, 2009 at 11:14 PM  

I talk a big game, but usually a "monster poke check" means I'm flat on my face and the puck is in the net. :)

Benny is dead to me. Except on the PK.

Goody  April 23, 2009 at 6:56 AM  

You know Ms C, here in MN in the league I play in, the women change in the same room as the men. We're all adults of course and most aren't stripping down 100%. Some who aren't 100% comfortable with it may run to the restroom to change their shorts or whatever. Anyway, nothing sexual about it - we're all team mates and to my knowledge there have never been any issues. Frankly, you see more on any public beach. I've heard from several sources that this is the only place they've ever seen that though.

Anyway, just FYI and congrats on the good game.

Ms. Conduct  April 23, 2009 at 9:36 AM  

Yeah, Goody, I don't normally mind it because for Novice, the women use the party room to change and that means it's a) cooler, which I like because goalie gear is fucking hot b) doesn't smell like stinky boys and c) has more room. I haven't learned how to get dressed without needing about 36 square feet of floor space.

I wouldn't mind changing with the guys, but I think you've all figured that out about me by now. Some of the girls would have an issue with it, I suspect. But moreover, the GUYS seem to have an issue with it. I was changing in a room at another rink back in January and they didn't have enough rooms to have a separate girls room, and the guys in there were like frozen solid when I walked in after stick and puck. I just wanted to say, "Look. I'm married. I've seen penis. Just relax and do what you need to do and I'll do the same." Good grief.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I DID drop some f-bombs this time, and even some matriarchal f-bombs, and I think between that and my terrifying blocker side saves, the boys figured out I'm not yer average girl.

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