Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to be a Goalie, illustrated

Scott TFCG was trying to explain a concept to me today, but in typical Ms.C fashion, I needed the crayon version.

So he fired up the Powerpoint and knocked these little lessons out. They were too funny not to share. Told him we need to collaborate on a Goaltending for Dummies book.

(Confession: One of my secret fantasies as a technical writer is to get to write a For Dummies book. It looks like about as much fun as one could possibly have in my line of work. Which mostly just goes to show you how damn boring regular technical writing is.)

Anyway, here's the first lesson on angles in relation to the faceoff dot: Alignment

And here's a lesson on angles when the puck is in the corner or behind the net: Garbage Zone


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