Saturday, April 25, 2009

Got Poulioted

Forgot to mention in my stick and puck report the other day that I actually got Poulioted by one of those punk kids.

Like this (except this goalie had a fighting chance of getting a glove on it):

I know other people do this move, but I'd never seen anything like it until I saw Pouly do it. And when there's no defense to contend with, I don't think there's a prettier, more graceful skater out there.

I was just thinking about this today as questions of whether he'll get re-signed by the Wild (he's an RFA) are starting to get floated. I'll tackle that over at T3I when the Aeros are done for the season.


Fred Trask  April 26, 2009 at 10:27 AM  

Perfect Poo!

As you can see he's unable to keep the puck on his stick and he gives it a half-assed effort. On this occasion he got lucky as the puck that came off his stick just happened to be going in the direction of the goal.

The most positive thing I can say about him is he's a major disappointment.

I think he will be re-signed but somehow I don't think he'll change.

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