Sunday, July 19, 2009

When it rains, it pours

So, I exit town for a few days and my team explodes. I still don't even know the names of the new Aeros and if you think I'm learning to spell Dubie's name, you've underestimated my laziness. Surely I have an editor somewhere who will do that for me.

And speaking of which, WTF? If they don't trade Harding, clearly(?) it's Dubie and Brusty in Houston and Dimples goes... elsewhere. Man, talk about a kid who's getting screwed, or at least has to be feeling that way.

I know he was a sometimes-stud in the playoffs, but he's still got holes in his game that scare the bejeezus out of me. And given that there's been a rather significant drop in offense for the Aeros, the goaltending needs to be outta sight for the Aeros to have a steady season while all the new kids learn KC's system.

Sounds like, from the comments I'm seeing at T3I, there's a lot of dissatisfaction among fans. But I don't think it's going to be THAT bad. Many of the leaders on the team are back, though losing Love is a toughie in that regard. A lot can be overcome with heart and great chemistry and a lot of positive mojo from the Sunshine Club. ;)

I don't know what's going to happen... with ANYTHING. But I know, sometime in early October, I will see live, pro hockey again. Brusty with a big poke check. Stoner with a big hit. Some rookies and maybe Falker getting their first goals. And all this summertime angst will be a thing of the past and life will be whole again for seven or eight months.


That said, I can attest to the fact that everything is up to date in Kansas City. Who knew? Drove all over the city and it's very pretty and clean. Like Canada sort of, without the hockey addiction, which is a shame really. The Royals aren't really worth all the Royals shirts I saw.

Though speaking of the Royals, we went to Saturday's game and Mr.C nabbed one of the t-shirt tosses. Get this: No ads on the shirt. Just a white shirt with Royals across the front. When have you EVER gotten a free shirt that didn't have ads on it?

The one thing they do do wrong in KC is their grass addiction. Not like weed, but literally, expanses of lawn. Everywhere. I'm telling you, if you're in mower sales or repair and you're not in KC, you're in the wrong goddamn place. I've never seen so much perfectly manicured grass in my life. Of course, this means it takes twice as long to get anywhere because of the fields of grass separating everything. Very inefficient.

Anyway, nice place but glad to be home with internet that's already paid for. I have 441 items in my Google Reader at the moment, and had over 100 emails to sort through, not including work email.

Okay, off to eat some cereal and try and get my head wrapped around the notion that I'm blessed to get to play hockey tonight, even if it's a practice and even if I'm so tired, I'm hard pressed to care where the puck goes.


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