Sunday, July 26, 2009


11 goals tonight in 4 stop-time, 20 minute periods.

One I put in with my skate trying to reach back to get it... the kind that trickles 1" over the line while crushing your soul and making you look like a jackass. A multi-functional goal, if you will. Excellent!

Two were from the new guy. One was short side when I should have been tight to the post, but the angle he was at, I was worried about leaving too much net on the other side, so I was out from the post a bit.

The other new guy got two as well, both really irritating. One came at me hard on the ice and popped up into the top of the net blocker side. I didn't even see it go in, it happened so fast. I asked the ref how it went in and he said, "He shot it and it went in." *grrr* I had some words for him once he was out of ear shot. They weren't clean or nice.

Mikey got a couple. Dan got one the exact same way Mikey did. FU, butterfly slide, for being so freaking hard to learn. Two-pad stack might have worked there though. That or a poke check, which I'm also too uncoordinated to do properly. Fuck.

Anyway, there were 11 of those little bastards. I didn't feel like I played that badly, but that's just too many goals. I have to do better. I was losing my focus by the end, for sure. It was a long-ass game.

Did a few good things, though. On one shot, Mikey was coming down the boards blocker side and had some help with him coming down the middle. He looked at the other player like he was going to pass but took the shot on me, and the whole time (all 2 seconds it took for this to play out) I was thinking, "Bullshit, Mikey, you're totally gonna shoot." And he did. HA! Stopped it.

Also had some nice blocker saves... some wobbly floaters and tips that I batted out for my d to clear. Good stuff.

Got my head sat on sideways by my defenseman on one stop. That was a first, and it's going to be a bit sore, I can tell. Got Advil on board now.

Everyone was playing hard and it was definitely more C-minus than Novice tonight. Mr. C came to see me play goal for the first time ever (I've always been too worried he'd psych me out being there, but it was fine). He said it was way faster and rougher than he remembered it. It was also a helluva lot of fun. Except for losing. That part sucks because my team played SO hard and I would have loved to pull out a win. Luckily, Scott TFCG was in goal at the other end and gave me some gifts so it wasn't a blowout. 9 goals down there.

The ice was shitty. People were falling left and right. It was a mess, but I don't think anybody was hurt too badly. And my gear was jacked up for some reason. I had to almost completely undress when I got on the ice and discovered one of my skates was way too loose. And then my pads weren't rotating right, like they were too tight, though they were strapped the same way I always do. I think my thigh board straps were too tight, so I'll loosen those up and see if it's better next week.

All in all, not too up or too down about this game. Well, maybe a little more down than up. Feeling like a little Tom Petty:

Tried to sleep and am SO tired, but between the headache and replaying all the goals against in my head (and feeling crummy about most of them), it wasn't working. So I'm up. And my hands stink. Blech.


CircularTheory  July 27, 2009 at 1:16 AM  

all I can say is, I feel your pain. For years, the teams I've joined were...below terrible. Once, my team was nicknamed the 'Korean National Team' because 90% of them were Korean kids who never skated before, forget hockey...

So double-digit number games were the norm.

Just suck it up. And its very hard to remain focused in games like these so try not to fault yourself, it'll only hurt you in future games (I'm still trying get over my flinching I've developed after every shot, damn you korean national team!!!)

Ms. Conduct  July 27, 2009 at 1:21 AM  

Well, my team is actually really good, I mean, for novice. It's pretty well stacked and Scott saw twice as many shots, I wager. My team just has more talent and works harder, strong on the forecheck, etc. I love them. It would have been 20-9 if they hadn't busted their asses like they did.

Anonymous  July 27, 2009 at 9:09 AM  

Man we sure put on a clinic last night, my legs were SO tired from the 2 games Saturday and then one on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Ms. Conduct  July 27, 2009 at 9:12 AM  

I wish I had an excuse like that. I just suck. My legs feel pretty damn good today though. Got some pep in my step for sure, which amazes me after such a long game. Far cry from last time we had a long session.

CircularTheory  July 27, 2009 at 9:17 AM  

I always make excuses lol. My skates aren't sharp (haven't sharpen them in a year and a 1/2), my team can't play D (alot of uncontested shots) or my forwards aren't help on the D

But when it all settles down, it might just be because I suck lol

Ms. Conduct  July 27, 2009 at 9:26 AM  

Yeah, usually I don't make too many. Or at least I try not to. When it's me, there's really no hiding it. I think the D could have helped me out on a couple of those, but they saved my bacon so many other times, I wouldn't dare blame them.

Now if I were playing behind the other team, I would have chopped them all to little pieces after the game. I hate playing behind the red team. Scott's a trooper, esp. being so tired from playing so much the last two weeks.

Oh well. I'll get those thigh board straps going right and my fly should get back to better. That will help a lot.

Rob  July 27, 2009 at 4:53 PM  

Enjoyed the video selection. :)

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