Sunday, July 19, 2009

But other girls ain't havin' any fun

So, Oklahoma! happens to be one of my favorite musicals. In fact, I really don't like musicals much so it's one of the only ones I like. This song especially just warms my heart. It's got nothing to do with hockey tonight... I'm just being self-indulgent. I cain't say no.

Anyway, practice tonight was good. Cheated my way through the warm-up skating drills, which I feel is my right since I wear twice as heavy gear as anyone else.

Then Scott TFCG took me and the other goalie through some hybrid drill stuff like I mentioned a few posts ago about watching Barry teach at goalie camp. It's still awkward as hell but there's hope. I'll work on that Saturday morning when I need a break from the brats darling children.

Then we did some other drills. We discovered that I forget about my glove hand completely at times. I'm so busy with my legs and stick and blocker, there's no brain left for the glove. It's sad, but we'll work on it.

Drills from the skaters weren't too endless or boring, so that was good. Scrimmage was only 20 minutes and I only let one goal in that in went over my shoulder blocker side. Some new guy. He's pretty good. Gonna have to make sure he works a little harder for his goals going forward.

Fortunately Scotty and Jessica didn't score on me, even though I could see them scheming out there and Scotty was trying to set her up. Ha. I felt a "take that, bitches!" welling up in me on one of those stops but kept it in. Such discipline!

Anyway, it was fun, especially for a practice. And Scotty says the boys in the room are commenting on my improvement, which is awfully nice to hear. Coach Dan even said as much to me before the scrimmage, so that was appreciated. Just gotta keep working, baby. Ya still pretty much suck!

First night of the new season tonight and lots of new faces, including a new girl. It's fun watching new people coming out like I did only 1 year ago (but it seems like another lifetime in which I played out... have I mentioned how much I prefer playing goal?)

Okay. This headache is eating my brain. Sleep.


Sunshine36616  July 20, 2009 at 5:22 AM  

Nice job! I'm sure it's good to hear that you are improving from the guys!

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