Friday, July 3, 2009

The fates smiled

Sometimes the hockey gods throw me a bone. Last night at goalie camp, the net right in front of me was where they were working on the very save that I didn't make on the first goal against last Sunday. Maybe if I'd stopped that one, the floodgates wouldn't have opened and I would have had a decent game.

Basically a close-in shot from beside the post where you do sort of a hybrid, one-knee kinda thing. It's one of my least favorite save positions because I feel really unstable and "holey" and awkward. It's just something I need to commit to working on.

And now that I've watched Brusty re-show it to all 15 goalies about 5 times each, surely I have a foundation for nailing that move at some point. "Stop. Then drop." Got it.

So, add that to the list of moves I need to play around with at the 5 a.m. stick and puck next Saturday. I'm excited to get back on the ice and see what I can do with what I've learned watching the camp, but that's over a week away. *sigh* Stupid kids with their stupid summers off screwing up my stick and pucks...

Ended up taking a rest day yesterday. Apparently I'm being assigned to Yard Duty today, so it may be a "practical" workout today. We'll see.

Highs for the weekend are 100+, BTW. This heat wave can end ANY time now. Hoping to drag Mr. C out to play some catch, but maybe we'll do that in the evening or something when it's only 95 degrees. There's a snowcone place in the Heights that I'm determined to try over the weekend. They make their own syrups and everything apparently. Sounds like the perfect weekend for it.

Happy 4th tomorrow! Be safe out there. Don't blow yourselves up. Stay cool. Wear sunscreen, ya pasty hockey bitches.


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