Thursday, November 21, 2013

New blog!

Say goodbye to the Ms. Conduct blog and hello to the Blind Squirrel Running blog!

It just didn't make sense to write about running on this blog, and I honestly haven't had more than 140 char to say about hockey at one time since the Aeros abandoned Texas. 

As usual, my personal blog is a brain dump and I know most of you don't give a crap about running, and I'm not sure it's interesting or funny enough to warrant reading it if you're not into running. But who knows?! Maybe you're bored!

Anyway, that's the unceremonious end to this one, I suspect, but it will still be here for the foreseeable future. Thanks for reading and interacting all these years. This thing was the start to an incredible ride as a hockey writer that certainly far exceeded my own expectations... I just wanted free hockey tickets, man. And I ended up a beat writer! Life is great like that sometimes. :)

Keep your head up and stick on the ice, my friends.



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