Sunday, June 14, 2009


Get used to this. I'm gonna be whining a lot about running because I hate it. And I know, a better person would try to put on a happy face and force themselves to at least SAY they like it even if they're lying to themselves.

Well, I spent a year training to walk half marathons and then a full marathon and I spent that year convincing myself that it was fun, when it plainly was not. The blisters, the swollen feet, the chronic tendinitis. Yeah. Great fun. Pfft.

So, I'm not lying to myself anymore. Running sucks and I hate it. But I'm doing it because I want to be a better goalie and being a good goalie is fun at its absolute zenith for me. So it's 3 hours of complete shitpuppetry in my week in exchange for up to a week of glowing self-worship for having played a great game Sunday night. A fair trade IMO.

Anyway, you know my idea yesterday about wanting to run behind shirtless Clayton Stoner? Well... I was with Coach Stalin yesterday, so I couldn't fully put the plan into operation, but I did do a few little Beefcake Fartleks and I'm here to tell ya, eye candy does make running slightly less sucky. Well, at least it makes me forget how sucky it is.

Only problem is that the hot ones are also pretty zippy. I, OTOH, am a turtle. So as quickly as they ease my pain, they are out of range again. *sigh*

This is all really neither here nor there. I'm just killing time before hockey and trying to figure out something bland to have for dinner. Baked potato from Wendy's is probably what it's going to end up being. My chicken pot pie from Boston Market let in a bad goal last week, so it's out of the rotation for a little while. Take that, chicken pot pie!!!


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