Saturday, June 20, 2009

Clutterbuck article; Saturday morning pre-dawn stick and puck

Got this article from Google Alerts today on what Clutterbutter's been up to in Welland. The line that made me laugh was, "And according to the NHL, Clutterbuck led the league in hits, too."

Like that information would ever be according to anybody else. Or like it's an opinion or something. I dunno. That kinda made me chuckle. But maybe I'm just in a mood to pick on someone after getting my ass kicked by a 7-year-old girl this morning.

Went to a 4:45 a.m. stick and puck with Scott TFCG and a couple of his kids. The kids' coach and his daughter were there, too. Well, the daughter, Ava, is a freaking mercenary. She's a damn good little skater and would run circles around a bunch of people in novice league. Very agile. Also a quick shot, and she can put it pretty much anywhere.

What I'm saying, of course, is that the little [darling] lit me up and lit me up GOOD this morning. Of course, I was taking it easy and really trying to avoid going down too much to try and not anger my knee too badly. Just wanted to get on the ice, get a sweat up, test the knee out a bit, so it's alright. I wasn't going full bore and didn't want to. But she still woulda lit me up. No doubt about it.

Just doing my part to boost the confidence of Houston's hockey youth. And BTW, it's no secret that kids aren't really my bag, but I love Scotty's kids. They're cool. And they whine at him just like I do. Now I see how he puts up with me. I feel like I have siblings now. Maybe you can get a tax deduction for me, too, Scooter!

Owen thanked me for letting him score, so his dad will let him eat. LOL Awesome. I love it.

Anyway, in spite of the humbling, and the aching knee, and the ungodly hour, I had fun. And I figured out what's tweaking the shit out of my knee. It's when I get up, obviously I'm putting most of my weight on the vertical leg, but leveraging the "down" leg a bit to push up. And that's straining the medial ligaments in my knee.

So, it's good that I've figured out what's causing the problem. Part of the solution is to work on getting up with my non-dominant leg more often, so the effort is spread across both legs. And obviously get lighter and stronger. *sigh* What a process. Couldn't I have had a dream of being... I dunno, something lazier? But noooooo, gotta be a goalie. Pfft. Sorry, knees.

Got some yard-type crap to do this morning and then taking it easy the rest of the day. There will be a nap. Then taking Coach Stalin to her C league game tonight. Will be fun to just relax and watch some hockey. I don't get to do that too often anymore.


Kevin Jacobsen  June 21, 2009 at 8:37 PM  

"The line that made me laugh was, "And according to the NHL, Clutterbuck led the league in hits, too."

Like that information would ever be according to anybody else. Or like it's an opinion or something."

Is this where I point out how I don't think the NHL keeps track of fighting majors, but the Web site does? Or how hits is one of the more subjective (thus, opinion) stats in the NHL?

Kevin Jacobsen  June 21, 2009 at 8:42 PM  

I'd also like to point out that I gave Clutterbuck a compliment during the Final, when, in response to NBC's blatant cock-sucking of Darren Helm all series, I said, "Darren Helm is basically Cal Clutterbuck, but he probably isn't even as good as Clutterbuck."

Ms. Conduct  June 22, 2009 at 1:34 AM  

Yeah, but it's not a stat with an asterisk or in "quotes"... subjective or not, it's a real stat. I mean, if two organizations kept track of hits, then yes, you'd qualify it with "according to..." But only one does.

Clutterbuck is one badass motherfucker.

And by the way, thanks for breaking the cock-sucker cherry for my blog. It was long overdue. ;)

Kevin Jacobsen  June 22, 2009 at 2:04 AM  

Valid point. But you know I can't help but razz you a little when you get to talking about Clutterbuck. ;)

And yes, he is one bad ... ("Shut yo mouth!") I can't deny that. This was just a good-natured tease that didn't actually have any bite to it. Just wanted to see how you'd react. ;)

Also, glad to pop any cherry that I can. But seriously, I'm surprised Pierre McGuire didn't get a Red Wings logo tattooed on his head. And the dude was a coach in Pittsburgh! Where's the loyalty?! I loved how they talked about what an impact Helm supposedly had in the games in Pittsburgh...yeah, Detroit was 0-3 there! Some impact.


(No, I'm not still bitter.)

Ms. Conduct  June 22, 2009 at 2:38 AM  

Oh I know, I know. You know my buttons.

You're so funny. Hating on the Red Wings still. YOU HAVE THE CUP! Just enjoy it. Let 'em go be the sour pusses they obviously are (handshake-gate is still the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time).

Kevin Jacobsen  June 22, 2009 at 3:14 PM  

Nah, I'm hating more on the NBC announcers, even Doc, than the Red Wings.

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