Monday, November 1, 2010

Quick hits: Weekend from Hell, Brusty, Holiday

Criminy. Life is hard sometimes. This weekend was hard. Personal shit I won't get into here, but things seem to have evened out.

At least I came out of the weekend with a brand new phone line, so I no longer have to yell over hum and static, and my internet will work consistently.

And the Aeros won for the first time at home. Awesome to see finally.


I capped the weekend off by catching up on the B-Sens reporter's blog with my fresh internet, and it was chock-a-block with great quotes from and about Brusty, who is stealing points (if not always games, thanks to a sometimes-anemic offense) left and right for Binghamton. I see that his back-up has been sent to Elmira though, which means, I'm guessing, that Mike Brodeur is ready to come back from his concussion (and indeed, he is putting himself through his own goalie practice this morning per Joy's tweets).

And when Leclaire is healthy and Lehner is set to return to Bingo... Ugh. I mean, what are the odds they send either of the NHL-contracted guys down? No question in my mind that Brusty's a better goalie than Brodeur, and that's not just me being biased. The numbers bear it out. No pun intended. :)

Last season, they didn't hesitate to keep CHRIS HOLT! up when he was playing better than... um... whoever that guy was they also had there. So there's a precedent in Bingo for playing the best goalie. New coach though, so I dunno.

Can't worry about that now. Just enjoy whatcha got while ya got it.


Anyway, in the midst of the drama, I missed hockey Saturday night. I was even AT the rink, but got sick while I was killing time waiting to get ready. Decided it would be best for me and everybody if I just went home. I felt horrible and wasn't remotely in the right head space to play a game (even though it was a practice). Just an awful night. :(

But I do have drop-in tonight as my only game all week. Playoffs start in women's league next week, I think. More good practice for me at staying relaxed in a little bit higher pressure situation.


Cool thing: I sat by Bob Mason, the Wild goalie coach last night. Kinda fun getting to talk to him a bit. I could have very easily yakked his ear off about his goalies (though I'm not sure it would have been reciprocated) but I'm always afraid of being annoying with guys like that.

As if I weren't annoying enough with my gasping and squeaking (but never cheering, yo) and sound effects (i.e., "pew!" when it hits the netting behind the goal).

No really, I'm a pro.


Finally, I'm planning a trip. Gonna head up to Boston on Jan 6 and catch the Wild game, then head over to Vermont to visit my best friend from college. She had twin babies last year, so I need to go see them and start whispering words like, "Hockey is the best thing EVAR" in their little ears.

What's funny is that during her whole pregnancy, I was suggesting hockey names for the kids. But neither she nor hubby like hockey at all, so it was all just a joke. Then she ends up naming the boy Crosby. Hahaha...

And apparently they went dressed up as a penguin and a clown last night. But the GIRL went as the penguin! Augh. Come on! :)  They're just about the cutest kids I've ever seen, and I don't usually think kids are cute. So it's all good.

Anyway, where they live is only a 4-5 hour drive from Bingo/Elmira and both teams are home that weekend, so I may actually get to go see Brusty play with my own two eyes. Lots of factors though, like weather and if he's starting and whatnot. It's a haul but I can't be that close and not try. I hope it works out.


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