Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Drop-in success and Girlfight

Drop-in was just straight up rad last night. I had a few little flurries of suckage, but I saw a LOT of rubber and breakaways and odd-man rushes, so I don't feel bad about those.

They're worth looking at though. Early in the game, I wasn't being patient enough and I wasn't moving my feet enough and, the one that most annoyed me (but also got me going) was one where, if I'd just battled and flopped instead of hoping I could reach a toe out on a back door shot, I woulda had it.

I went down a beat or two before the shot on one. It was a guy who I've never seen snipe before, but he sniped me good. I gave him props for that. I gave him the daylight but it was also a great shot, especially for someone barely out of novice.

But then I found my rhythm and got in a groove the rest of the game. The only other bad spot was a couple of shots where they were coming down the wall glove side shooting the puck just inside the far post. My angle was just plain off, but I corrected it after those two goals. Weird how that happens though. I need to remember my power point that Scotty made me about where to be when the puck is above/outside or below/inside the faceoff dot. I think that was the key there.

I honestly don't remember more than bits and pieces about the game. I was just in there, doing it and feeling good. It was a blast and even the really good players were like, "Damn you're on fire tonight!" Had one glove save that was super sexy... one of those where you drop into the fly and then have to reach way down the length of your pad to snag it. Oooooo foxyyyyy.

And another where Crosby was on a breakaway and I challenged him big time and slid into a b-fly as he was moving across to try and put it around me, but some how I got a piece of it with the tip of my glove and he was long gone.

I'm proud of the way I've been challenging lately. It feels great and ballsy. But eventually they're going to wise up. Right now they're used to me shrinking back into my crease, so now when they look up and I'm way above my crease, they kinda don't know what to do about it and just shoot and there I am. Unless they beat me 5-hole or something, they've got nothing. But they'll figure me out eventually, which is why I need to work on being smarter about it.

Big Nick put one in my melon again last night. I guess I was due for it. Luckily it hit pretty high on my mask and just deflected up. It's still startling though, so I kinda yelped and everyone was asking if I was okay. Told 'em I was just trying to make Nick feel bad. Haha. He apologized a couple of times and I told him the same thing. But really, the way you see pros dropping like flies from concussions lately, I'm feeling paranoid about my noggin.

He also hit me in the arm, just above the bend in my elbow. Now THAT hurt. I was stinging for 5 minutes after and it's a big purple lump today. Not complaining though. It was a laser and I stopped it and that's all that matters to me.
I've been back doing my PT since last week. I'm doing at least some part of it every day, even if it's just the "at home" part and not the full hour-long sequence that I would do if I were going to the PT office. And some days, all I fit in is the hamstring stretch and that alone makes a huge difference in the way my legs and hips feel when I play.

And now I'm reading that Maria Mountain, hockey trainer/goddess, is coming out with a goaltender workout that's 2 days a week only (or 3/4 if you want), that I can do to supplement my PT work. Very excited about that. She has another one that's much more intensive and pretty much a daily commitment. Sorry. Just not how I roll. But 2x a week? Heck yeah. I can do that.

Women's league comes to a head tonight. The top two teams are basically tied and play against each other tonight to see who goes into the playoffs with the #1 spot. I'm playing for purple and I'm looking for a shutout. A real one. I want these girls to finish the regular season on top. I'm even having my lucky burrito for linner and saved my favorite undershirt to wear while I play. My serious gray shirt. Not my frivolous pink shirt. BOOM. $2000 saves and battle hard. 

Why am I only just now learning of this song? Crap. This is awesome.

Brooke Valentine - Girlfight
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maalivahti  November 10, 2010 at 6:05 PM  

I think Maria's new product is a fantastic idea. It's definitely hard to commit as much time as you need (about an hour a day, sometimes more) for the full out training program. Of course... maybe I'm just doing everything too slow. That's a distinct possibility.

Way to go on the aggressiveness and the foxy glove save. :) And we have to take one in the noggin now and then, reminds us we're alive. hehe.

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